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Forever In Shame


"Forever In Shame"
Music & Lyrics by Scott Cooley.

Copyright © ℗ 2012 by Scott Cooley. All rights reserved.

Forever In Shame
Album cover drawing by Lenore & Scott Cooley
Song from the album Cherchez La Femme
Position Track # 1
Duration M:SS
Released June 21st, YYYY
Label Scott Cooley Records
Format CD, MP3, FLAC, OGG
Genre Americana, acoustic garage rock,
Studio Scott Cooley Music Productions
Producer Scott Cooley
Songwriter words and music by Scott Richard Cooley
Publisher Scott Richard Cooley Music Publishing, ASCAP
Personnel Scott Cooley - vocals, guitars, bass, drums, percussion; Lenore Cooley - keyboard
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"Forever In Shame"

"I Did A Bad Thing"

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"Forever In Shame"

Song by Scott Cooley from the album Cherchez La Femme
Position #1
Released 2012
Recorded Scott Cooley Music Productions studio, East Lansing, Michigan
Genre alternative acoustic, Americana
Length 4:39
Label Scott Cooley Records
Personnel Scott Cooley - vocals, guitars, bass, percussion;  Lenore Cooley - keyboard
Publisher Scott Cooley Music Publishing
Producer Scott Cooley
Format Compact Disc, MP3, FLAC, OGG
Writer words/music by Scott Richard Cooley

"Sense Of Belonging" "Forever In Shame" "I Did A Bad Thing"
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Forever In Shame is a song that is a fictional story about a woman who intentionally marries a guy for the lifestyle his wealth provides and cheats on him, then the man just up and leaves her with the fancy house, car, etc.  Upon becoming aware of the cheating, he just leaves without explanation or many personal belongings at all.  She's left with suitors who are after her for the money she didn't ever really earn.  As a result, she realizes that despite having  it all, she's not happy.

Lenore plays keyboard near the end of the song.  This is one of those slow-building songs in which the instrumentation increases incrementally.  It is also structured in an odd manner, without a true chorus but rather a couple of different "refrain" sections.  This isn't a personal favorite of mine, but I wrote it, and Lenore thought it was release-worthy, so there you have it.