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Watchin' The World Go By


"Watchin' The World Go By"
Music & Lyrics by Scott Cooley.

Are they lost, do they have a plan?

If I try to speak, will they understand?

Can they see me, like I see them?

Like silver and gold, diamonds and gems?

I can make ‘em look big, I can make ‘em look little

The world is my fishbowl

I’m watchin’ the world go by

Watchin’ the world go by

Watchin’ the world go by

And I’m feelin’ a little bit….high

Can they think, can they see and feel?

Do they see each other as friends or a meal?

Do they communicate with telepathic vibes?

Do they sleep? Are they awake all their lives?

I can make ‘em get drier, I can make ‘em look moister

The world is my oyster

Repeat Chorus

Repeat First Pre

Repeat Chorus

Copyright © ℗ 2004 by Scott Cooley. All rights reserved.

"Watchin' The World Go By"

Song by Scott Cooley from the album Moon Dreams
Position #11
Released 2004
Recorded Scott Cooley Music Productions studio, Flint, Michigan
Genre alternative acoustic, Americana, rock
Length 3:25
Label Scott Cooley Records
Personnel Scott Cooley - vocals, guitars, bass, percussion, slide
Publisher Scott Cooley Music Publishing
Producer Scott Cooley
Format Compact Disc, MP3, FLAC, OGG
Writer words/music by Scott Richard Cooley

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 Watchin' The World Go By
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This one is just a fun jam - a toe-tapper.  It might even be danceable.  Makes you want to move around all wild and crazy-like when you hear it.  It was super difficult to play though because it has guitar-unfriendly chords that are hand-killers.  This is one of the few re-records I've released - a cleaner and higher quality recording than the original.  I have no idea what it's about though.  Seriously, I don't remember at all.  Derive your own meaning and enjoy.