This site is dedicated to providing information about just one artist, Scott Cooley, a recording artist whose music art may be purchased here: Scott Cooley or at any of the other excellent web marketplaces listed on the Store page of this site.

Unsigned songwriters looking for publishing deals with Scott Cooley Music Publishing or artists looking for record deals with Scott Cooley Records - no material, solicited or not, is being accepted.  Scott has no plans to ever sign artists or hire artists of any kind in the future.

In addition to the art/craft of songwriting, Scott also enjoys other types of writing, such as poetry, some of which might be considered more artistic than his songs.  Enjoy some by visiting the Poems page.

  • Artists specializing in photography, most notably Lenore Louise Cooley, have had their work featured on Scott Cooley's album covers and promotional materials.
  • Scott has always enjoyed the company of artists, as evidenced by his marrying one.  His lovely wife Lenore is a true master at many an art form. 
  • One day a page of this site (and perhaps a separate e-commerce site) will be dedicated to the amazing artwork of Lenore, pending her cooperation and approval.
  • If you are a recording artist (or represent one) and would like to record and release (or perform) a Scott Cooley song, Contact Us immediately.
  • You might also enjoy the art that is displayed on the Gallery page, which contains drawings, sketches and other fine art by Scott Cooley.
  • Another good place for artists and appreciators of art and music is the Bootlegs page, which displays album art and graphics by Scott Cooley.
  • Scott's artistry is best described on the Records page, which details his songwriting and recording processes.
  • Fine Art:  If you like to browse visual art online, I highly recommend you visit, the site of my friend Damon Dorsey, a great painter and writer I've had the privilege of working with.

Artists Who Have Performed and/or Recorded Scott Cooley Songs

Other artists other than Scott Cooley who have performed and/or recorded original Scott Cooley songs are also listed on the Links page.