This page requires signing in with your Scott Cooley account to use the internal collaboration system as designed.  You will have access to lead sheets, lyric files, and mp3 and even wave files used for collaboration sessions, and the ability to modify pages, add files and subscribe to changes made to files and this page (or subpages herein).  Lastly, you may add attachments or comments directly to this page or its subpages.  Typically, full access to this page is restricted to those of you who are already working with Scott.

Additionally, Scott uses many different online collaboration platforms that are external to this site.  Most of these are listed below for your convenience.


Scott has accounts with several other collaboration services outside this site as well, if you prefer.  Visit Scott's respective profile for the collaboration site of your choice as listed below for complete information:

Cakewalk / Bandlab

Bandlab, which gave you a free space to have a profile for the purpose of collaborating via "posts" and "collections" bought my favorite DAW, Cakewalk, when the Gibson brands disbanded.


industry advice, mentoring, songwriter/musician/engineer/producer search, communication, negotiation, financial transactions, file transfers, real-time collaboration, song storage space, talent database, affiliated with ASCAP


If you use this service, you can hire me directly as a lyricist.

American Songspace

free songwriter profiles, marketing, contests, opportunities and music publishing service, affiliated with American Songwriter magazine


Collaborative platform YouTube used to form SongExchange (SongX) co-founded with Rich Marr:  

Indaba Music

online music collaboration tools, networking and education, production, promotion, and distribution

Sound Cloud

social sound platform, record and upload songs/sounds, sharing

Use the Scott Cooley Soundcloud DropBox and let it rain here:  


The cloud-connected recording studio and creative music community:


Share in-progress music projects, connect with others to collaborate, discover/preview/comment on projects, and "pull" projects in source format to add to, remix and learn from. Music fans can discover new music in an interactive format and even participate in the creative process.


A cloud workspace for music collaboration.
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