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Streaming original music by Scott Cooley, including instrumentals, directly from this site;  links to external online radio stations that play his music.
Press Kit
Press releases, performed with list, places played list, links to related pages, news, announcements, bio, promotional file downloads.
Listen to streamed, recorded audio recordings of Scott speaking about various topics;  download them for listening on iPod-type devices.
Poems (narrative, light & lyric genres) written by Scott Cooley that you can read online, most of which feature recognizable rhyme and meter.
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Scan a QR code and get an official Scott Cooley app for your smartphone or tablet, and take the music with you.

Cell phone app information, SC song ringtone/ringback information, iTunes & phone contact information.
Read short, medium and long versions of textual info about Scott's involvement with making music, click links to even more.
Pictures, images, scans & photographs of Scott himself, his family, friends, collaborators and associates; album cover art; links to more.
Newsworthy announcements from Scott himself about site updates, upcoming album releases, licensing, awards, songwriting, recording progress.
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Feed your knowledge hunger with Scott's library, featuring books authored and/or read & reviewed by Scott, recommended books, songbook.
HQ for Scott Cooley-related video media:  videos produced, directed and filmed by Scott; music videos; and live performance footage. Blog
Ranting, raving, complaining, whining in written form;  subscription service;  reverse chronological order;  vertically scrollable;  about songwriting.
View information about and purchase Scott Cooley music in the compact disc format and get it shipped to you.
Read featured press, choice quotes and blurbs, comments, fan mail, click links to other reviews elsewhere online.
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