Yeah, right, like I actually have merchandise available.  ;-)  Someday, I suppose I could get an account with cafepress and give them a pic or logo so I could have bumper stickers, t-shirts, baseball hats, shot glasses, or coffee mugs with my name on them.  Someday, when I get real big.....after I get the electric guitar.  

By the way, while on this page and topic, I feel compelled to state that whenever I run across a web site where someone is selling merchandise but abbreviate the word as "merch" I don't like it.  Some words are great to abbreviate, like information, but I don't like it when I hear people say the word merch and I don't like reading it either.

Anyway, if you're really looking for merchandise, my CDs qualify, so please refer to the Store page for complete ordering instructions.  My Amazon CD store is integrated into the shopping cart here at, but my Artist Store is also accessible directly on Amazon here:

As of 2014, both Amazon and Bandcamp offer my CDs for sale (all 6 full-length releases), and despite the abbreviation bugging me, I now have a custom subdomain with a merch page here: