Scott Cooley albums and songs are available for purchase from the Scott Cooley Store within this site, and most major online stores where MP3s can be bought and downloaded, including Google Play, Bandcamp or iTunes so that you can then listen to them in their entirety on your Android or Apple mobile device using any major music player app such as Google Music or iTunes.

This link is supposed to automatically detect the type of device you have (Android, iPhone, iPad, desktop, etc.), then route you to the most likely online music service to get Scott's music:

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Mobile Features & Apps

Good information to know!  As more and more visitors to the website use mobile phones to get here, we now use "automatic mobile rendering," which ensures the Scott Cooley site is always adjusted when you use a mobile phone (or any iOS or Android device) to access it.  This includes optimized header layout and top bar alignment, fitting the site width to match your device's width, and smart handling of sidebar & horizontal navigation and drop-down links, as well as a mobile version of the site search.  This is all very cool, we know.       

  Mobile  Hey, you know what? You can use Scott Cooley Google Apps, including GMail, Calendar, Docs, Start Page, Sites, Wave and more on your mobile equipment. It's compatible and everything! We recommend that you use the Chrome browser for the best experience possible.  We know, that's very interesting to be aware of.



Get a Scott Cooley app for your smartphone or tablet, and take the music with you.  See also the Code page of this site which might provide information about Google Gadgets and Smartphone Apps for Android that are presently under development which someday might be really great.

Mobile Magazine

(Scott Cooley Currents)
:  Get the Scott Cooley Mobile Magazine on Google Play or read it on your smartphone's mobile browser here:

Google Play / Google Music

Scott Cooley's albums and songs are now buyable/downloadable for your android phone using Google Music:


New Ringtone of the cult-classic "Mackinac Island" now available here!:


iPhone / iTunes

Have an iPhone?  iPod?  Any computer or mobile device with iTunes can now have Scott Cooley music on it: