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Pre-ordering. It's a thing you can do.....again.

posted Jun 1, 2018, 2:05 PM by Scott Cooley   [ updated Jun 1, 2018, 8:44 PM ]
Yes, just like two years ago around this time, you can once again "pre-order" my new album from online music places such as:

You must act quickly though, because eventually, you won't be able to pre-order anymore, and instead you will only be able to order.  After that point in time, this post will become obsolete, just like these:
Made possible mostly because it was possible, some potential reasons to do so might include:
  • being able to brag about having done it, which should make you more popular
  • a guaranteed shipment upon release
  • a discounted price
  • instant gratification
  • get part of the album before the official release day (which is as always June 21st, by the way)
  • help me rise to a higher profile on the charts!!!
...and other things like those and stuff like that.

Here's what Bandcamp has to say about why an artist would do such a thing:

It’s conceivable that someone who has never heard of you might pre-order your record on the strength of a few teaser tracks, but it’s pretty unlikely.

If you’re a more established artist, however, setting up a release as a pre-order can have a few benefits. First, it gives your biggest fans an easy way to make sure they get your record the moment it comes out. Second, it gives you a way to build up excitement and demand for a release, beyond just talking about it. And finally, it can increase the likelihood of your album placing on official weekly music charts, since all your pre-orders are reported to the respective organizations as if 100% of the purchases were made the week you release the record. We were as surprised as anybody to learn that that’s how the game is played, but hey, we’re here to help you play it.

Stay tuned for the pre-release of the CD from Amazon, coming soon!...

Alright then, that's the news for now from Lake Cooley, where the women and children come first, and the men used to be good looking.  Happy sailing my friends.