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This page provides a way for you to listen to Scott's demos online. Scott is a part-time songwriter with his own publishing company.  He personally handles most aspects of the business himself, but is not opposed to taking direction from or collaborating with others. The majority of his work is done for clients who are outside his geographic area.
For references and valuable insight into my personal track record, you may also want to consult HITQuarters.

Scott saves his best songs for sending to professional demo recording studios that use session musicians and vocalists to produce broadcast-quality versions suitable for pitching to major label recording artists seeking new songs to cut for their upcoming albums.  Scott releases his own original songwriter demos of other songs he has written, performed and recorded himself on the Scott Cooley Records label.  To immediately listen to all of Scott Cooley's released recordings that are currently for sale in online stores, click here now to launch the Scott Cooley Widget on your iGoogle page, or here for the pop-out player.


Scott's method for working with distributed partners is to:

  • Get your initial, detailed requirements via e-mail, phone or online videoconference consultation.
  • Sort through my hundreds of original songs to pick out those that best fit your needs (since they’re already sorted by genre and electronically searchable, this is a quick step).
  • Take those top 5 or so “best fit for you” songs and make them available to you online (E-mail you a login for a special private reviewing area of my Web site).
  • You add your comments directly right on your private song review page to convey your feedback immediately (weed out some songs entirely, offer suggestions for tweaking your favorites), or any method of your choosing - e-mail, skype or even via phone.
  • Scott incorporates your feedback by re-writing and re-recording those songs and again make them available online on a Private Reviewing page that has been specifically customized for you.
  • Upon your final approval, Scott then delivers the custom-tailored song demos both online as wave files and by physically shipping you Broadcast Quality demo masters on Compact Disc.

This proven process has impressed many, and whether it resulted in a license agreement or not, most have commented that they found it professional, reliable and easy. Thank you for your interest and time, and I wish you the best of luck with your song search.-Scott

Your Song Page - How It Works

If you’ve received an e-mail solicitation or electronic submission asking you check out this Web site to play or download songs to decide whether a Scott Cooley song is right for your project, you’ve come to the right place, and are a link away to accessing song samples provided for demonstration purposes.  Upon successful sign in with the user name and password you've received via e-mail, you will see a project-specific song list table similar to the one below with underlined links in each cell.

Click a song title link to play and/or download the mp3, a lyric or lead sheet link to read and/or download the lyric documents, or other informational files you may have requested that are associated with each song.  To submit feedback on a particular song, or to request licensing, click the corresponding e-mail link accordingly or add comments as described.  To request licensing, use the License Request links in the table for each song.
If you prefer to work with an online song-to-opportunity (S2O) service before dealing directly with Scott, Music X-Ray allows you to select, hold, and view ratings of my songs.

Submit Your Requirements

To get a playlist custom-tailored to your requirements:  Unsolicited inquiries deemed to be serious, legitimate requests will receive immediate consideration for the granting of privileged access to a group of several songs that are appropriate for your recording project and/or artist, including links to both song and lyric and/or lead sheet files, complete with casting ideas and licensing information.  To get the ball rolling, use the E-Mail Form on the Contact page to express your interest and summarize your needs.

Get Access

To request an account (user name and password) for exclusive access to complete songs in high-quality, pristine format, initiate the process by contacting Scott Cooley. Refer to  Contact  for complete details on contacting Scott Cooley to request and obtain a Scott Cooley account.

Log In

To sign in:  For those who’ve received a special invitation from Scott Cooley to access full-length, fully-produced demonstration recordings in high-quality format, please log in now with the secure user name and password you’ve received to access the invitation-only, personal wave and lyric file access page.

  1. Click the Sign In link from the footer area of this or any page.
  2. Enter your Username and Password into the corresponding text box fields.
  3. Click the [Sign In] button.


To review: The links to song and lyric files attachments are appropriately named according to title/filename.

Click the song files to listen, or the lyric files to read as desired.  Please verify you have headphones and/or speakers attached properly to your computer, and that the volume is turned up to an appropriate level first!

Make Selections / Provide Feedback

To comment:  As a quick method to provide feedback, even as you listen, you may do so from your personal Private Song Review page (which will be similar to this sample instructional page you're reading now), which will allow you to simply click the + symbol at the bottom of the page to expand display of the Comments box, type your comments, then click the [Add comment] button.  Otherwise, you can submit a review of any SC song at any time here:  Critique

Request License

Contact Scott to initiate the negotiation process.   

You will not see the Song File Attachments or Comments below unless you are signed in, nor will you be able to view the lyrics or listen to the audio files. 
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Song Title & Audio File LinkLyric or Lead Sheet FileGenre(s) / Casting IdeasLicense Request Link
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