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For now, the Scott Richard Cooley Music Publishing catalog of original songs written by Scott Richard Cooley and performed by Scott Cooley on albums released by the Scott Cooley Records label, along with the unique identifying metadata associated with each is collected and maintained via a tabular listing in spreadsheets that may eventually be consolidated and made available on this page.  Some of this type of information is also available online, links to which are provided below.  Discogs:  This cross-referenced music database/ international music store hybrid has info about Scott Cooley the artist as well as the independent Scott Cooley Records record label.

  AllMusic:  A Michigan-based online music database with discography information, music ratings, reviews, styles and genres, founded by a Michigander that presents information about the Scott Cooley catalog in an easy-to-use way.
  MusicBrainz:  Open public music identification metadata containing info about Scott Cooley releases, and because Google is involved, the machine-enabled search works well.

  SoundExchange:  This company collects and distributes digital performance royalties on behalf of me, the recording artist and master rights owner, and this link takes you directly to the ISRC search results for the Scott Cooley catalog.  Songspace:  A song catalog management system used to listen, get feedback, search, create playlists, track pitches, export data, deliver assets, register, etc. used mostly for Scott's countryish songs.

  ASCAP:  The Ace Repertory is a searchable, online database of Work IDs and ISWCs for most songs registered to performer Scott Cooley, writer Scott Richard Cooley, and publisher Scott Richard Cooley Music Publishing.