Web Design

  Scott Cooley has on a rare occasion designed and developed Web sites other than this one using free tools from Google.  Sometimes he helps other people set up Web sites for them to use for various purposes in exchange for monetary payment or occasionally, trade.  Usually for people he knows personally, and sometimes for free, they are simple and informational.  If you know Scott and want something similar to what you see here on scottcooley.com, maybe he could get you started with it.  He knows a little HTML, and can use basic wikis and content management systems.  Also some CSS and JavaScript.  His approach is Google how to do it, borrow some code, then modify it.  He knows how to capture screen shots, insert images, forms, links, video, audio, and might even be able to pull off a few fancy widgets or even a shopping cart.  You never know.

Specialty:  It's not really design or development, but rather, selecting pre-built templates and registering domain names.  Using the Google Sites service and its associated technologies, including Blogger, Feedburner, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Custom Search, Google Analytics, and Google Web Designer.  A little experience with WordPress and Tumblr as well.  Although at one time this site was hosted from a personal computer in his basement, he now specializes only in the cloud-hosted variety.
Interested In Hiring Scott?:  To inquire about his availability for consultation and professional web design, information architecture, content authoring, development and publishing work for web sites with functionality similar to that which is featured in scottcooley.com, navigate to the Contact page now.  Typically, you'll think it's cool at first when he tells you how cheap it will be, then he'll ask you for content (images, words, etc.) and you won't provide much, nor will you ask him to update it very often.
Additional Information:  For arguably humorous insight into the design evolution of this web site, see the Site History page. As a Technical Writer by profession, Scott started this just because he wanted to become familiar with how to create a web site easily and for free to aid in his evolving career, using his songwriting hobby as an excuse for fake example content, which has evolved into a sloppy, sad shrine to himself and his hobby that somewhat resembles an actual, real web site.
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