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Cooley's Rap


"Cooley's Rap"
Music & Lyrics by Scott Cooley.

I like hard rock, and old-school rap, eminem’s a clown and kid rock’s a hack

I like the Beastie Boys and Run DMC, Sugar Hill Gang’s ahh-ighte wit me

The name is Cooley, this here’s my rap, I can ad lib cuz I’m all that   uh huh

Imperromptu jammin’, off the top of my head, I’m the best rapper that isn’t dead

I remember way back in the day, when I was just a little man

I had a red rubber hippity hop, went hoppin’ round the basement land

Just bouncin’ around back and forth up and down and side to side

Holdin’ on to the handle in my own little world, felt like I could fly

I was fly alright, and definitely fresh, not to mention def and dope   word

When my sister wanted to use it, I stone cold said nope

I went hip to the hop, hop to the hip, I was hip to the hoppity most

And I don’t stop, but I’ll drop you like your hot, I’m conceded, like to brag and boast

Fully strapped, packin’ the heat, slayin’ sucka squirrels that I never did eat    say what?

Yo-yo, Duncan Imperial, purple, walkin’ the dog, around the world in circles

Representin’ GB, southside of Flint, grew up in da hills and I’ll give you a hint

Bling bling, had it goin’ on, done my time, now I’m an ex-con   oh no

Wore Timberlands, Fila, and K-Swiss too, before anybody from the hood even knew

I’m from the street, plantation drive, didn’t have no slaves, didn’t talk no jive

Scratchin’ records on my turntable, I didn’t sweat the technic

Slam dunkin’ off the neighbors backboard, never had to leave my feet     sweet

Cold hoopin’ it, out in the driveway, just a b-boy tryin’ to score

Goin’ to the junior high dances at night, break dancin’ out on the floor

Then the dj would cool it down, I slow danced with all the fine cuties

When the teachers weren’t lookin, I was gettin’ some tongue, an grabbin’ me some bootys

Gittin’ jiggy, don’t know why, all I can say is I musta been high   whoa

When I wasn’t chillin’, I was bustin’ a rhyme, either that or perpetratin’ a crime

I only smoke chronic, drink Tanqueray and tonic, keepin’ it on the down low

Cooley’s in da hizzouse, kickin’ freestyle, Dort highway cruise, holla at a ho

Homeboys in the Nova, posse in effect, drove that car till it was totally wrecked   my bad

Pimp my ride, I think not, didn’t need to be down wit no cops

They stole my stash, my bowl that’s cashed, and cut down my crops

Givin’ a shout out to my peeps, you best gimme my props

And if you don’t show me no respect, I’ll bust you up side your chops    believe it

Yeah boyeee, can I get a square, why’s that afro pick stuck in your hair

I’m down wit dat, I’m keepin’ it real, when the man keeps you down, you gots ta steal

Just a thug, I’m gonna git you sucka, never knew nobody said word to yo mutha

You be illin’, you be trippin’ too, me and my adidas gonna crush your groove

You’re wack, word to that, but I’m a playa and I’m PH phat

What up doe?, I’m tellin’ you dog, snoop ain’t got nothin’ on me   

It’s on you, the onus that is, hi my name is Scotty C.

Went downtown to get the nickel bags, I loved to smoke that cheeba

Kicked back with my remote control, watched MTV on my Toshiba

Copyright © ℗ 2008 by Scott Cooley. All rights reserved.

Cooley's Rap
Album cover photos by Lenore & Scott Cooley
Song from the album Drive Time Companion
Position Track # 10
Duration 4:40
Released June 21st, 2008
Label Scott Cooley Records
Format CD, MP3, FLAC, OGG
Genre old school alternative suburban gangsta hop
Studio Scott Cooley Music Productions
Producer Scott Cooley
Songwriter words and music by Scott Richard Cooley
Publisher Scott Richard Cooley Music Publishing, ASCAP
Personnel Scott Cooley - rapping, guitar, drum & bass loop programming, acoustic turntablism/scratching; "Lil" Lenore Cooley - backing raps
Track Chronology
"So Money"

"Cooley's Rap"

"Too Much Coffee"
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Brief Description

Lenore Louise Cooley appears courtesy of Buttercup Records.  PARENTAL ADVISORY WARNING:  This might contain potentially offensive lyrical content.

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