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Used To Be Good Looking

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Used To Be Good Looking is the 6th studio album released on the independent Scott Cooley Records label.  It contains 14 new original, previously-unreleased songs written (words and music) and performed (vocals and instruments) by Scott.  It features Scott as the only composer, lyricist, singer and musician on all songs, except the last one, Smitten with the Mitten, on which his lovely wife Lenore Louise Cooley appears courtesy of herself on accordion.  The primary styles include acoustic rock, acoustic blues, and folk, with hints of jazz, bluegrass, caribbean, funk, and even habanera.  The instrumentation includes Scott playing rhythm, lead and slide acoustic guitar, acoustic bass guitar, drums (djembe, snare with brush, hi-hat), percussion (shaker, tambourine, marimba), and harmonica.  Scott also sang all background vocals in addition to lead vocals.  One way in which this album is different from other Scott Cooley releases is that it has several songs that are longer in duration than the typical song length, making the total playing time longer.  Additionally, the subject matter tends to be more serious than other albums in the catalog.

Produced, Designed, Recorded, Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Scott Cooley at Scott Cooley Recording Studio, East Lansing, Michigan.

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Album Info

Recorded:  2013-2014 at Scott Cooley Recording Studio, East Lansing, Michigan
Released:  June 21st, 2014
Genres:  Acoustic Rock, Indie Pop, Acoustic Blues, Bluegrass, Jazz, Habanera, Folk
Length:  68 minutes
Label:  Scott Cooley Records (independent)
Catalog #:  SCR06
Producer:  Scott Cooley
Personnel:  Lenore Cooley - Accordion on "Smitten With The Mitten"
Chronology:  (2012) Cherchez La Femme  >  (2014)  Used To Be Good Looking  >  (2016)  ?
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Reviews:  These guys spelled my first name wrong (Scoot), but nonetheless reviewed UTBGL favorably:
3.5 out of 4 stars !

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TRACK (album position number)TITLE (name of song, linked to song page)LENGTH (playing time duration)KEY (tonic scale tone)BPM (tempo in beats/minute)GENRE (style category)NOTES (description, credits, instrumentation)
TRACK (album position number)TITLE (name of song, linked to song page)LENGTH (playing time duration)KEY (tonic scale tone)BPM (tempo in beats/minute)GENRE (style category)NOTES (description, credits, instrumentation)
Used To Be Good Looking 3:36 95 Blues Ballad Humorous, funky blues with bongos 
I Care 4:57 104 Rock Ballad Poppy relationship song about faults and caring 
I Know I Love You 3:44 146? Habanera Rock Habanera w/ marimba, inspired by the Higgs Boson 
Up North 3:44 117 Folk Michigan experience/place song w/ whistling 
Fine On A Friday 3:24 111 Rock Poppy ditty about workplace lust w/ harmonica 
B. C. 2:40 Bb 110 Caveman Rock Comical caveman rock featuring marimba 
Brought It On Myself 5:28 88 Blues Good slow12-bar blues about promiscuity 
American Dream 4:19 130 Americana Cautionary statement song, w/ a caribbean feel 
Algoma Central Blues 5:09 60 Blues Ballad Love lost slow blues/Canadian train song 
10 Happily Mad 4:36 120 Folk Folksy gen-X ballad, w/ melodic harmonica 
11 Magazine 5:30 Bm7 86 Jazz Melancholy mellow vocal jazzish feel 
12 Goin' Up To Leadville 6:48 120 Bluegrass Bluegrassy high mountain breakup song 
13 Great Lakes Blues 6:22 90 Folk Blues Serious environmental protest folk/blues song 
14 Smitten With The Mitten 7:27 111 State Song Folk A Michigan state song candidate w/ accordion 
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