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Used To Be Good Looking


"Used To Be Good Looking"
Music & Lyrics by Scott Cooley.

Well, I used to be good lookin', yeah, I used to rule the school

Now I'm too ugly to be turnin’ heads, and I'm too old to be cool

I took advantage as best I could, but now I realize I was naïve

Well, I used to be good lookin', I know it’s hard to believe

Well, I used to be good lookin', but now I'm just old and fat

All I've got are my memories, and the shirt that’s on my back

My hair was brown but now you'd never know, had no wrinkles on my skin

Well, I used to be good lookin', I was slim and trim

It didn’t matter I was poor, I never got ignored

All I had to do was show up and wait

Didn’t need a fancy car, the girls all said I’d be a star

I never had to ask for a date

Well, I used to be good lookin', got the pictures to prove it was true

From steady girlfriends to one night stands, you know I never had the blues

Inside I still feel like I'm 21, and that’s the nature of the blues I've got

Well, I used to be good lookin’, but the mirror says I'm not

I know it’s not sayin’ much, I know I’m all washed up

I didn’t earn it, but my life was so good

I ain’t too proud to brag, it’s the only thing I have

I’d go back in time if I could

Well, I used to be good lookin', but you would never know it now

Believe it or not I was hot, this old dog was the cat's meow

You might think I'm smart and funny, with personality to spare

But I used to be good lookin'… even in my underwear

Copyright © ℗ 2014 by Scott Cooley. All rights reserved.

Used To Be Good Looking
Album cover photo by Richard Cooley
Song from the album Used To Be Good Looking
Position Track # 1
Duration 3:36
Released June 21st, 2014
Label Scott Cooley Records
Format CD, MP3, FLAC, OGG
Genre blues ballad
Studio Scott Cooley Music Productions
Producer Scott Cooley
Songwriter words and music by Scott Richard Cooley
Publisher Scott Richard Cooley Music Publishing, ASCAP
Personnel Scott Cooley - vocals, guitar, bass, drums
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"Used To Be Good Looking"

"I Care"

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Brief Description
A song about a guy who has the blues from looking in the mirror and realizing that he's let himself go, gotten fat and old with grey hair, almost unrecognizable from the pictures he still has of himself when he looked good in his youth.
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