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Drive Time Companion

Country-Flavored Acoustic Rock:  Americana at its most real, you’re along for a ride through stories and conversations about love and relationships good, bad and ugly that keep your attention and put you in a much better mood by the time you reach your destination.

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  1. Torn In Two
  2. Road To Me
  3. Puttin' Up A Pole Barn
  4. Here To Listen
  5. Returning To The Scene
  6. Doin' Nothin'
  7. One More Mile To McDonald's
  8. In My El Camino
  9. So Money
  10. Cooley's Rap
  11. Too Much Coffee
  12. The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
  13. Happy Go Lucky

Brief Description
:  Americana songs to keep you company while on the road, with unique twists on relationships and a dash or two of humor.  Catchy acoustic road rock that blends heartfelt themes with songs bordering on the novelty variety, touching on genres that include folk, country, old timey, latin, and balladry.

Longer Description:  It’s about the journey.  Whether you prefer to call it roots music, alternative country, or folk-rock,  Drive Time Companion represents Americana at its finest.  If heartland rock and garage rock could be delivered with all acoustic instruments, you’d be on your way to describing it well, and when you throw in the diversity of western and even rap, you’ve got an album of variety that will appeal to an even wider audience.  Cooley takes you along for the ride through stories and conversations about love and relationships good, bad and ugly.  The underlying theme of travel on this album will keep your attention and keep you company while on the road, putting you in a much better mood by the time you reach your destination.

Even Longer Description:  Featuring unique twists on relationships with a dash or two of humor, this is catchy road rock that blends heartfelt themes with songs bordering on the novelty variety.  A slight departure from the acoustic rock for which he is known, Scott has ventured out from his initial success with the bluesy stylings on his album Moon Dreams, and further from the demand for a sequel to the caribbean flavor of the Lakeside Landing album, to take roads less traveled through varieties of Americana and even rap.  These songs share a common theme of being particularly well-suited for listening to in your car - whether in rush hour traffic or on a long weekend road trip, this album will hold your attention and take your mind off the driving for an hour or so - long enough to get you past any worries you started out with, and taking you along for the ride through great stories and melodies delivered with Scott's signature acoustic instrumentation.  Before you know it, you’re that much closer to where you want to be and in a much better mood.

Artist Comments:
Throughout is a loose theme of travel, so hopefully these help move you.  The last album was sort of about boats, and since I'm from the car state and vehicle city, this sort of subject matter was inevitable.  Behind the music were personal experiences, observations, and things I just plain made up.  When I was much younger, I used to say that the two kinds of music I didn't like were country and rap, but this album has both - new as compared with past releases.  Tastes evolve, but at the same time this album includes a lot of what you've come to expect from a Scott Cooley album - the voice, the prominent sound of acoustic guitar, the understated percussion, the melodies and lyrics that blend well, and the little surprise elements here and there that make you go "yeah!" and pump your fist or whatever it is you do when you're psyched about the good tunes you're listening to.  See the song pages for the stories behind each song.

photo courtesy Lenore Louise Cooley 2008

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Drive Time Companion

Studio Album by Scott Cooley

 Released  Original Release Date:  21 June 2008
 Recorded  2006-2008, East Lansing, Michigan
 Genres  Acoustic Rock, Americana, Rap
 Length  51 minutes
 Label  Scott Cooley Records
 Producer  Scott Cooley


Scott Cooley Chronology

 Lakeside Landing
 Drive Time Companion
 Sense Of Belonging


Liner Notes:
© ℗ 2008 by Scott Cooley.  All rights reserved.  Words & music for all songs written by Scott Cooley.  Lead & background vocals, lead & rhythm acoustic guitar, scratch guitar, acoustic bass guitar, acoustic lap steel slide guitar, harmonica, drums, percussion, cowbell, coffee brewing/pouring/drinking & whistling by Scott Cooley. Recorded, mixed, mastered & produced by Scott Cooley in Michigan, USA.  Additional background vocals & photo of Scott w/ Lucky by Lenore Cooley.


Catalog #:  SCR03

ISRC Barcode #:  886470423767

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