A lot has been written about Scott Cooley, most of it by Scott himself, and you're in for a treat to find such autobiographical material here at  

2018 Version

Scott Cooley, who hails from Flint, Michigan, has been described as having a sound that is a blend of two of his biggest influences - Jimmy Buffett and the Violent Femmes - so you can imagine songs about boats and beaches and islands with a Carribbean flavor played on acoustic-only instruments in a stripped-down, minimalist band with hints of punk rock and Motown, delivered with whiny Midwestern vocals.  ;-) 

Emerging from a poverty-stricken area known for violence, unemployment and a lack of potable water taught Scott survival skills that have served him well in not giving up on a music career that has enjoyed steady, organic growth.

Scott's musical history, which began with taking Intro To Guitar as a Senior-year "blow off class" in college, evolved to playing lead guitar in blues and classic rock bands, performing as one half of an acoustic duo with an apres-ski gig at a ski area, to teaching himself to play new instruments such as harmonica, ukulele, bass, marimba, keyboards, drums & percussion, to the award-winning singer-songwriter and indie solo recording artist that he is today. 

Among the most impressive accomplishments are the fact that every two years since the turn of the century, Scott has released a new album of original songs on which he does everything you hear himself.  In all, the catalog includes well over 100 self-penned, produced and recorded originals performed with both a signature acoustic garage rock style, but with hints of tropical and Americana and a nice variety in song form, subject matter, tempo and even instrumentation.

On the positive side, the do-it-all-yourself home studio recordings are somewhere in between a rough demo tape and polished product from a professional studio and producer.  So some minor imperfections and a somewhat amateur quality keeps it refreshingly real compared to the slick, fake-sounding mainstream music of today.

Really good songwriting from someone raised on the popular music of the late 70s and early 80s with a great appreciation for America's best singer-songwriters and acoustic guitarists overcomes any lack of auto-tuning, programmed drum loops, or virtual instruments.  Each song gives you a raw version in which you can hear great potential that involving pros and investing money might realize;  and yet somehow, fans grow to appreciate and even prefer these under-produced versions the way they are.

Fresh out of the studio from completion of his 8th full-length studio album, Missing The Boat, Scott's plans include an exclusive annual festival in Northern Michigan in support of the release, and perhaps even getting out on a lake (albeit in someone else's boat - the only way to do it)!

Single Sentence Elevator Pitch Bio

Scott Cooley is an award-winning, non-performing songwriter, singer, and multi-instrumentalist from Michigan who self-releases demo compilation albums in an acoustic garage rock style and aspires to sell songs to major label recording artists seeking songs to cut for their upcoming albums.

Unique Selling Point (USP)

Scott's songs sell based on word of mouth advertising, and they are the unique selling point.  Also unique is the fact that Scott is a one man show (demo production, publishing, licensing, etc.), and this site is a one stop shop for all such dealings.  Like some non-performing songwriters, Scott is a digital recording artist himself, and you can buy Scott's versions of his own songs on the Store page of this site, and in many other online stores.  The Home page displays two relevant sections:  'Who is Scott?', and 'What kinds of songs?'.  These sum it up pretty well, but you have to listen to the songs understand that the songs are not just great as recorded by Scott (which you can easily get hooked on), but they are also appropriate for today's star recording artists to record and release.  Check out the Samples page to listen to them, and the Licensing page to get a license to record them.

50 Words or Less Bio

Scott Cooley is a guy from Michigan who writes and records songs using an acoustic guitar as his primary instrument.  He is a self-taught musician who used to play lead guitar in some living room bands and duos who had some paying gigs at public venues when he was in his early twenties.  In his later twenties, he progressed to writing and performing songs solo at open microphone nights at coffee shops and bars.  From his thirties until now, he has continued to write songs and now records them and releases albums and songs for sale in online stores.  He has also entered a songwriting contest or two, and along the way has contemplated having studio musicians and vocalists record more professional sounding demos of his best songs for the purpose of pitching them to famous artists who are looking for songs to record, or to music supervisors on film projects who are looking for songs to place in films.
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