Scott Cooley is a songwriter and recording artist who was born in Flint, Michigan in 1967, and currently resides near where he grew up.  He began releasing self-produced studio albums of original songs in the early 2000s.  His music might best be described as Americana, since it includes rock, country, blues and folk played on acoustic instruments, and also since he has written many songs about life in the part of America where he is from.  Aside from accordion played by his wife Lenore on a few songs, he is the only performer heard on his recordings, with each song being a blend of multiple vocal and instrument tracks to achieve the sound of a full band.  A true do-it-all-yourself solo artist, he is self-taught in every aspect of the writing and recording process, in addition to being self-taught in singing and instrument playing, which includes rhythm, lead and slide acoustic guitar, acoustic bass guitar, drums, percussion, harmonica, marimba, ukulele, and piano.  As of 2022, Scott has released 10 full-length albums containing over 125 original songs that are available as CDs from online stores like Amazon, and also as album or individual song downloads or via streaming radio subscription from web music retailers like Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube Music.

At-A-Glance Info

  • Standalone, non-performing songwriter from Michigan
  • Winner of prestigious Billboard Song Contest award
  • Has self-released over 100 original songs on 10 albums
  • Clever lyrics, internal & conventional rhyme schemes
  • Deep, heartfelt stories/conversations w/ light humor
  • Subject matter w/ fresh takes on universal themes
  • Rebellious perspective, topics of love, nature & fun
  • Great lakes-oriented imagery & midwestern values
  • Tightly arranged, fast & mid-tempo, w/ a few ballads
  • Verse-chorus, some pre-chorus, a few AABA forms
  • Short intros/instrumental breaks; in 4/4 & 3/4 time
  • Mechanical, synch, & streaming licensing available
 Singer & Multi-Instrumentalist 
  • Warm/soothing baritone vocals w/ clearly-understood lyrics
  • Well-placed harmony, background and chorus vocals
  • Flat-picked and finger-picked rhythm acoustic guitar
  • Improvised and melodic lead guitar solos on acoustic
  • Ukulele and slide guitar on Hawaiian acoustic lap steel
  • Acoustic 4-string bass guitar with occasional bass solos
  • Understated drums featuring brush snare and djembe
  • Bongos, hi-hat, tambourine, washboard, shaker & cowbell
  • Improvised harmonica (blues harp) & instrumental breaks
  • Marimba solos and occasional melody notes in choruses
  • All vocals and instruments by Scott Cooley, except:
  • Accordion, flute, keyboard & bg vocals by Lenore Cooley
Recording Artist  
  • Online-only digital solo recording artist with home studio
  • Self-produced, arranged, mixed & mastered recordings
  • Independent micro-label (netlabel) Scott Cooley Records
  • Ten self-released full-length (LP) studio record albums
  • All records recorded in Michigan and made in the USA
  • No synthesizers, programmed drums or autotune used
  • Real acoustic instruments w/ minimal usage of effects
  • CDs high-quality stereo 44/16 WAV format, FLAC, MP3
  • Genre-agnostic songs w/ commercial/crossover potential
  • Acoustic, garage, roots, heartland, lo-fi, rock, Americana
  • Direct distribution to Amazon for compact discs & Bandcamp
  • Also distributed to Apple Music, YouTube Music & Spotify