About Scott Cooley Music Productions

So, I have a recording studio in my basement.  Doesn't everyone?  
The Scott Cooley Recording Studio is in a "man cave" in the basement of Scott's humble home in Grand Blanc, MI.  Aside from a closet of seasonal clothing, ski equipment, a file cabinet, and a trunk of childhood memorabilia, it is full of handy necessities like microphones, a computer, and musical instruments.  

Recording Process:  Scott Cooley Music Productions and the Scott Cooley Recording Studio employs an unique methodology for recording music.  Scott blogged about it in great detail here:

Equipment Listing and Photos:  A mostly-complete listing of equipment may be viewed on the Gear page of this site.  For more pictures of the studio equipment, and a complete listing of instruments, microphones, audio interface, computer, and multitrack recording software, see the Gear page.

Resident Session Player:  Scott's lovely wife Lenore can occasionally be persuaded to add fantastic piano, background vocals, marimba, and amazing accordion as a live-in studio musician.

Vocalist Demo Opportunities:  If you are a vocalist interested in showcasing your talent on a Scott Cooley promotional compilation and/or demonstration recording, please see the Records page.

Additional Uses:  It is also the home office and headquarters of Scott Cooley Music Publishing , the Scott Cooley Records label, and Scott Cooley Web Design.
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