About Scott Cooley Music Productions:  So, I have a recording studio in my basement.  Doesn't everyone nowadays?  The Scott Cooley Recording Studio is in a "man cave" in the basement of Scott's humble home in Grand Blanc, MI.  Aside from a closet of seasonal clothing, ski equipment, a file cabinet, and a trunk of childhood memorabilia, it is full of handy necessities like microphones, a computer, an audio interface, cables, speakers, headphones, and musical instruments.  It's not like a real recording studio though with isolated booths and some giant mixing board though.

Recording Process:  Scott Cooley Music Productions and the Scott Cooley Recording Studio employs an unique methodology for recording music.  To learn more, Scott blogged about it in great detail here:

Recording Equipment:  For more pictures of the studio equipment, and a mostly-complete, yet somewhat outdated listing of instruments, microphones, audio interface, computer, and multitrack recording software, see the Gear page.

Recording Software:  Scott primarily uses Adobe Audition 3.1 because Adobe made it available for free.  It's really old.  He's also recently added Cakewalk Sonar, which was bought out by BandLab, because it is also totally free and is probably better because it's newer, although he hasn't figured out how to use much of it yet.

Resident Session Player:  Scott's lovely wife Lenore can occasionally be persuaded to add fantastic piano, background vocals, marimba, and amazing accordion as a live-in studio musician.

Additional Uses:  It is also the home office and headquarters of Scott Richard Cooley Music Publishing, the Scott Cooley Records label, and Scott Cooley Web Design.

Production and Engineering Services:  If you truly like the overall sound quality of the music heard on his released material, are interested in achieving the same sound, and can get to the Grand Blanc area, you may be in luck.  Scott has on occasion agreed to assist friends with producing, recording, mixing, mastering and distribution services, usually on recordings in which he also appears as a collaborator in one way or another.  Use the Contact page to inquire about it.

Recording Philosophy:  When it comes to a philosophy, Scott's primary focus is always on efficiency and preserving the raw magic of first or second takes over spending too much time on perfection and polish.
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