Introduction:  Since the late 1990s, Scott has maintained an ambitious pace of self-releasing approximately 1 full-length record every 2 years.  Each has approximately 13 songs.  For someone who has averaged 50 hrs. per week at a regular day job in the past decade, this is a decent level of productivity, particularly when you consider the actual output is often quadruple what is eventually released; and when you factor in marriage, family, friends, home ownership, recreational activities, and other free-time demands, you can only be impressed.  Imagine the accomplishment if time and money allowed Scott to write songs full-time.  As someone who learned to play guitar at age 21, and wrote over 300 songs by the age of 41,  releasing over 40 of his best by age 43 ain't half bad.  You do the math.

Scott Cooley in 2006 at Wildwood Lake, Michigan
Studio albums   7[1]
Live albums 0
Compilation albums 0
Singles 0
Cover albums   1[1]

 Year  Title
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 Label  Genre  Status Recording Location
Release Date
 Chart Positions (US)
 Chart Positions (CAN)
(sales thresholds)
 2000 Scott Cooley
Cool Breeze Records
self-titled debut acoustic rock
cassette only, out of print
Grand Blanc, MI
reissue tentatively
 2002 Homegrown Scott Cooley Records
sophomore effort acoustic rock
cult bootleg, out of print Flint, MI
June 21st, 2002
_ _ _
 2004 Moon Dreams
Scott Cooley Records
acoustic space rock
in stores now 
Flint, MI & Grand Blanc, MI
June 21st, 2004 _ _ _
 2006 Lakeside Landing
Scott Cooley Records
acoustic boat rock
in stores now 
Grand Blanc, MI
June 21st, 2006 _ _ _
 2008 Drive Time Companion
Scott Cooley Records
acoustic road rock
in stores now 
East Lansing, MI
June 21st, 2008 _ _ _
 2010 Sense Of Belonging
Scott Cooley Records
acoustic homeslice rock
in stores now
East Lansing, MI
June 21st, 2010
_ _ _
 2010 A Cooley Christmas
Scott Cooley Records
acoustic holiday rock
limited exclusive private release
East Lansing, MI 12/25/2010  N/A  N/A  N/A
 2012 Cherchez La Femme          

Scott Cooley Records c'est la vie acoustic rock
in stores now
East Lansing, MI
June 21st, 2012
_ _ _
 2014 Used To Be Good Looking          
Scott Cooley Records acoustic indie pop, rock, folk & blues
in stores now East Lansing, MI
June 21st, 2014
_ _ _
 2016 Rest Assured          

Scott Cooley Records acoustic garage rock & Americana
Coming soon! June 21st, 2016
Grand Blanc, MI
June 21st, 2016
_ _ _
 " - denotes the album failed to chart or was not certified

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About Discographies

The term "discography" was popularized in the 1930s by collectors of jazz records. Jazz fans did research and self published discographies about when jazz records were made and what musicians were on the records, as record companies did not commonly include that information on or with the records at that time.

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About This Page

This page is meant to serve as an index to the more detailed Albums page, which allows you to "drill down" into individual pages for each album.  From each album page, you are then able to drill down even further to pages for individual songs on each album.  The listing on this Discography page covers brief and summarized key information  details concerning sound recordings by Scott Cooley, including the titles of the records, the place of the recording, release dates, chart positions, and sales figures, when available.  The links in the Title column of the quick reference table above take you directly to the respective album page for each, which allow for the viewing of many additional details and complete disc information.


Scott Cooley’s discography from 1989 to 1999 was originally released on the cassette tape format to a select group of family, friends, fans and reviewers, with the 2000 self-titled debut album being the first limited CD release, and the 2002 album being the first true widespread public offering.  Over the years since, the Scott Cooley catalogue has been released on CD and as music downloads from a number of digital media vendors. This page lists all of the studio albums only.  Rare live bootlegs are rumored to be in underground circulation featuring Scott playing lead guitar in the blues band Acoustic Jones.  Additional details are listed on the individual album and song pages within this site.  Click an album title column link from the main discography table for more detailed information about each disc.

Studio Albums

Scott Cooley's studio albums have been released on the independent Scott Cooley Records label.  Although the primary format is Compact Disc (CD), these albums have also been released as MP3 albums that are available for download.  Each disc was recorded and produced by Scott himself, including engineering, mixing, and mastering.  Even the artwork, liner notes and packaging was designed and made by Scott.  Each subsequent released disc is considered to be of slightly improved sonic quality than the previous one as Scott has learned the subtle nuances of music engineering.  Similarly, the songs themselves are thought to be of improved quality as Scott has acquired knowledge and skill from research and practice in the craft of songwriting with each release.  In general, each song collection has an underlying theme that ties together the subject matter of each studio album.  The track order of every disc is a result of careful experimentation in song sequencing to provide the best experience for a non-stop listening session. 


It may be of interest to some that all of Scott’s official releases feature only one other musician – his wife Lenore Louise Cooley.  She is credited with album art and photography, co-writing, co-producing, and has acted as a guest studio session musician (courtesy of Buttercup Records) on accordion, keyboard, flute, marimba, and background vocals on just a few tracks, while all other vocals and instruments are performed by Scott himself. 
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Catalog #Album TitleUPC (CD)UPC (Digital)Release DateTrack #Track TitleISRCMusicBrainzCover ArtASINiTunesGoogle PlayBandcampCart
Catalog #Album TitleUPC (CD)UPC (Digital)Release DateTrack #Track TitleISRCMusicBrainzCover ArtASINiTunesGoogle PlayBandcampCart
SCR01 Moon Dreams 886470420810 885767293342 06-21-2004    info archive B0071EKNBE album album album add CD 
SCR01    06-21-2004 01 Early Mornin' Rain usx9p1162050        
SCR01    06-21-2004 02 Midnight On The Moon usx9p1162051        
SCR01    06-21-2004 03 Morning Star usx9p1162052        
SCR01    06-21-2004 04 Light Years usx9p1162053        
SCR01    06-21-2004 05 Under The Sun usx9p1162054        
SCR01    06-21-2004 06 A Star Named After You usx9p1162055        
SCR01    06-21-2004 07 Confess usx9p1162056        
SCR01    06-21-2004 08 It's Been Too Long usx9p1162057        
SCR01    06-21-2004 09 Serenity usx9p1162058        
SCR01    06-21-2004 10 Better Days usx9p1162059        
SCR01    06-21-2004 11 Watchin' The World Go By usx9p1162060        
SCR01    06-21-2004 12 Blame It On The Moon usx9p1162061        
SCR01    06-21-2004 13 Into The Sunset usx9p1162062        
SCR02 Lakeside Landing 886470421855 885767293359 06-21-2006    info archive B0071EKQLQ album album album add CD 
SCR02    06-21-2006 01 Shoreline Miles usx9p1162077        
SCR02    06-21-2006 02 What Makes The World Go 'Round usx9p1162078        
SCR02    06-21-2006 03 Keeping Me At Bay usx9p1162079        
SCR02    06-21-2006 04 Haul Away On The Halyard usx9p1162080        
SCR02    06-21-2006 05 Shred Betty usx9p1162081        
SCR02    06-21-2006 06 Lakeside Landing usx9p1162082        
SCR02    06-21-2006 07 Wake Of A Great Lakes Freighter usx9p1162083        
SCR02    06-21-2006 08 Lonely Lover's Lullaby usx9p1162084        
SCR02    06-21-2006 09 Against The Tide usx9p1162085        
SCR02    06-21-2006 10 Over The Waves usx9p1162086        
SCR02    06-21-2006 11 Fun In The Sun usx9p1162087        
SCR02    06-21-2006 12 All For Me Grog usx9p1162088        
SCR02    06-21-2006 13 Mackinac Island usx9p1162089        
SCR03 Drive Time Companion 886470423767 885767293366 06-21-2008    info archive B0071EKSDM album album album add CD 
SCR03    06-21-2008 01 Torn In Two usx9p1160979        
SCR03    06-21-2008 02 Road To Me usx9p1160980        
SCR03    06-21-2008 03 Puttin' Up A Pole Barn usx9p1160981        
SCR03    06-21-2008 04 Here To Listen usx9p1160982        
SCR03    06-21-2008 05 Returning To The Scene usx9p1160983        
SCR03    06-21-2008 06 Doin' Nothin' usx9p1160984        
SCR03    06-21-2008 07 One More Mile To McDonald's usx9p1160985        
SCR03    06-21-2008 08 In My El Camino usx9p1160986        
SCR03    06-21-2008 09 So Money usx9p1160987        
SCR03    06-21-2008 10 Cooley's Rap usx9p1160988        
SCR03    06-21-2008 11 Too Much Coffee usx9p1160989        
SCR03    06-21-2008 12 The Good, The Bad And The Ugly usx9p1160990        
SCR03    06-21-2008 13 Happy Go Lucky usx9p1160991        
SCR04 Sense Of Belonging 886470424757 885767293373 06-21-2010    info archive B0071EKTMC album album album add CD 
SCR04    06-21-2010 01 Forever A Memory usx9p1177765        
SCR04    06-21-2010 02 Stay usx9p1177766        
SCR04    06-21-2010 03 Three Mariachis usx9p1177767        
SCR04    06-21-2010 04 Find My Way Back Home usx9p1177768        
SCR04    06-21-2010 05 Without You usx9p1177769        
SCR04    06-21-2010 06 King For A Day usx9p1177770        
SCR04    06-21-2010 07 Your First True Love usx9p1177771        
SCR04    06-21-2010 08 The River Of No Return usx9p1177772        
SCR04    06-21-2010 09 Homesick usx9p1177773        
SCR04    06-21-2010 10 Love Me Or Leave Me Alone usx9p1177774        
SCR04    06-21-2010 11 What Money Can't Buy usx9p1177775        
SCR04    06-21-2010 12 This Land Is Your Land usx9p1177776        
SCR04    06-21-2010 13 The Invisible Man usx9p1177777        
SCR05 Cherchez La Femme 886470642724 885767116993 06-21-2012    info archive B008E0OENM album album album add CD 
SCR05    06-21-2012 01 Forever In Shame ushm21257459        
SCR05    06-21-2012 02 I Did A Bad Thing ushm21257460        
SCR05    06-21-2012 03 Cherchez La Femme ushm21257461        
SCR05    06-21-2012 04 My Sweetheart, My Darling ushm21257462        
SCR05    06-21-2012 05 Too Close For Comfort ushm21257463        
SCR05    06-21-2012 06 What About Me? ushm21257464        
SCR05    06-21-2012 07 Hot Sauce ushm21257465        
SCR05    06-21-2012 08 She Got Even ushm21257466        
SCR05    06-21-2012 09 Please Louise ushm21257467        
SCR05    06-21-2012 10 With All Of My Heart ushm21257468        
SCR05    06-21-2012 11 You're So Beautiful ushm21257469        
SCR05    06-21-2012 12 No Reason Flowers ushm21257470        
SCR05    06-21-2012 13 If I Had Time ushm21257471        
SCR06 Used To Be Good Looking 887936866357 888174719573 06-21-2014    info archive B00JX3SWR8 album album album buy CD 
SCR06    06-21-2014 01 Used To Be Good Looking uscgj1465704        
SCR06    06-21-2014 02 I Care uscgj1465705        
SCR06    06-21-2014 03 I Know I Love You uscgj1465706        
SCR06    06-21-2014 04 Up North uscgj1465707        
SCR06    06-21-2014 05 Fine On A Friday uscgj1465708        
SCR06    06-21-2014 06 B. C. uscgj1465709        
SCR06    06-21-2014 07 Brought It On Myself uscgj1465710        
SCR06    06-21-2014 08 American Dream uscgj1465711        
SCR06    06-21-2014 09 Algoma Central Blues uscgj1465712        
SCR06    06-21-2014 10 Happily Mad uscgj1465713        
SCR06    06-21-2014 11 Magazine uscgj1465714        
SCR06    06-21-2014 12 Goin' Up To Leadville uscgj1465715        
SCR06    06-21-2014 13 Great Lakes Blues uscgj1465716        
SCR06    06-21-2014 14 Smitten With The Mitten uscgj1465717        
SCR07 Rest Assured 889290898166 190394510442 06-21-2016    info archive B01F4F3H64  album album add CD 
SCR07    06-21-2016 01 I Take Some Getting Used To usdy41600651        
SCR07    06-21-2016 02 Show Up usdy41600652        
SCR07    06-21-2016 03 Burn Your Candles usdy41600653        
SCR07    06-21-2016 04 Good For Me usdy41600654        
SCR07    06-21-2016 05 So Shy usdy41600655        
SCR07    06-21-2016 06 Baby Please Come Home usdy41600656        
SCR07    06-21-2016 07 Coney usdy41600657        
SCR07    06-21-2016 08 Call Me Crazy usdy41600658        
SCR07    06-21-2016 09 Hell On Earth usdy41600659        
SCR07    06-21-2016 10 Whatever Floats Your Boat usdy41600660        
SCR07    06-21-2016 11 Where There's Smoke usdy41600661        
SCR07    06-21-2016 12 Something About New Orleans usdy41600662        
SCR07    06-21-2016 13 No One To Call usdy41600663        
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