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Compact Discs

Scott Cooley CDs sold by are priced for pending inflation, but are of the highest fidelity and as a physical product, includes additional artwork, information, and quality jewel case packaging - in other words, they're worth every penny.

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What is CD-R media?

CD-Rs (the "R" stands for "recordable") look like the discs you're used to and offer the same high audio and image quality.  All products are manufactured from the original source materials (uncompressed WAV audio files that conform to "red book" specs).  This recordable media is used to manufacture titles on demand, as fully authorized by Scott Cooley, the content provider.  When shopping, you'll see CD-R on the product detail page for such products.

What is the Return Policy?'s standard return policy applies to these purchases.

What is Manufacturing On Demand?

Manufacturing on demand eliminates inventory, waste, and inefficiencies in the distribution system, while providing the added benefit of helping preserve the environment.  Each disc comes fully packaged, with artwork, in a standard jewel case, although for reissued products the artwork may differ from the original.

What is Media On Demand?

Media On Demand, part of the group of companies, enables to work with the Scott Cooley Records label for direct distribution to make these Scott Cooley titles available to customers.  Additional discounts are available for Amazon Prime members.