On air now:  

For your listening pleasure, there's usually a simple background jam available in the mp3 player below on this page that is ideal to turn on while you're surfing the web.

To keep listening while you navigate to other pages/sites, click the button below to launch Scott Cooley Radio in a new browser window which you can minimize, then surf on:

Click play above ^ to hear a recording of Scott's original instrumental composition entitled "6:16" (creatively named after its time duration) featuring many common elements of the Scott Cooley sound and style, which include the sloppy playing & mixing of acoustic guitar, harmonica, marimba, acoustic bass guitar & snare drum with nylon brush at a low level of sound quality, performed while under heavy sedation after getting wisdom teeth out (hence the lack of vocals).  Sometimes pain can bring about monotonous-yet-catchy grooves from which acquired tastes are born, while at others you're glad the end to your sonic pain is but a click away.  Enjoy!

About SC Radio:  

The Scott Cooley Internet Radio Station provides on-demand online streaming or “webcasting” of an audio source to various simultaneous users that visit this page of this website by way of a user-controlled music player below set to automatically start playing.  It offers a subscription service for the sole purpose of alerting past users of new content, which always features songs written and recorded by Scott Cooley and related textual information.  It is provided as an web-only service that transmits a single channel, as opposed to re-transmitting a traditional AM/FM broadcast, and its music programming can be syndicated as background music on the Web.  

Depending on your intended use, the programmed streaming of recordings of original Scott Cooley music compositions on this online radio station may be subject to performing rights licensing requirements.  Contact for more information.