Think of them as Whitman Samplers - even though they have names, you still won't know what the flavor tastes like until you try them, Forrest.  Scott Cooley song sample quality levels are as follows:
  • Decent (free streams/MP3 downloads):  Occasionally and just for the heck of it, Scott makes available entire songs for free download at various web sites, including MySpace, Soundcloud, YouTube & Bandcamp.
  • Good (CDs and MP3 album/song downloads):  Scott's demos are released as compilation albums every two years and are sold at online stores such as Amazon, Apple Music & Google Play. 
  • Best (Demos, CDs by other artists):  Scott's best are pitched to major recording artists for consideration as potential material for them to record and release on their upcoming albums.
Typical listening permissions for Scott Cooley song samples are:
One Free Listen Of Entire Song (Any Song, 1st Listen):  1 free full-length stream of any song for the first listen only.
Free 30-Sec Samples (Any Song, Any Time):  After the first complete listen, consumers are limited to 30-second samples of that particular track.
Freebies (entire songs) and other promotional offers are listed below:

SC Amazon CD Sampler:  Take the discs for a free spin!

SC iTunes Sampler:  Try before you buy  - free from Apple!

Early Mornin' Rain from Scott Cooley on Myspace.