This Web site (http://www.scottcooley.com) was created by Scott Cooley, a songwriter and recording artist from Michigan.


Where we want to be is a future state in which Scott Cooley's album sales and song licensing royalties surpass merely offsetting costs to provide profitability due to steady growth in exposure, notability and recommendation.


Make it easy for people to: 

  • Buy Music:  Make it easy for people to purchase Scott Cooley recordings (albums and songs) released on the Scott Cooley Records label via integrated Amazon shopping cart (for CDs) and by providing links to popular online digital music (MP3 albums/songs) stores (Google Play, iTunes, etc.).  The business model is a blend of:
    • General Shopping (the Store page serves as a virtual mall that allows you to shop for Scott Cooley albums, songs, CDs, and MP3 downloads without leaving the site, however, you must leave the site to purchase them).
    • Comparison (the Store page has direct links to the same Scott Cooley products for sale at different online stores, and offers summaries of features of each service for comparison).
    • Content / Niche (the Store page provides access to Scott Cooley music content).
    • User-Generated / Social Shopping (by providing reviews, lists, forums, groups and other social networking features with buy buttons, widgets and links).
  • License Songs:  Make it easy for people (artists, artist reps, music supervisors, etc.) to license Scott Cooley songs to record cover versions of them and release them, and also to license Scott Cooley's studio recordings of his own material for use in film soundtracks, etc.
  • Find Out More:  Make it easy for people (fans and music journalists) to learn more about Scott Cooley and his songs by providing detailed biographical and recording information; as well as making available additional items of interest such as free photos, videos, poems, lyrics, news, etc.
  • Make Connections:  Make it easy for people interested in becoming more involved as a fan of Scott Cooley the solo artist by providing methods of interaction such as an email list, forum, blog, volunteer and discount opportunities, live performance calendar, social media, and contact information.

Strategic Areas Of Focus

  • Strive To Reach A Wider Audience:  Aside from the DIY work on releasing new product (songwriting, recording, performing, producing, copyrighting, publishing, pitching, licensing, packaging and distributing Scott Cooley albums, updating this site) and pursuing various commercial and promotional opportunities, the remaining work focuses on laying the groundwork for others to easily lend their contributions in any way they think will help advance this mission and ultimately result in Scott's music reaching a wider audience. 
  • Make It Easy For Others To Help:  In doing so, we aim to merely guide, nurture and protect the more permanent community created by the culture of appreciators of Scott Cooley music and songs to grow a "street team."  We strive to foster complete freedom of selection of roles and involvement levels for anyone to leverage his or her creative abilities to promote the unique and common experience of appreciation of Scott Cooley songs. 

Core Belief

We believe that participation in the act of enjoying music that features songs written by Scott Cooley can produce positive spiritual change in the world. 

In support of this belief and the ongoing cultivation of this culture, there are two things we recommend to those interested in helping spread the word about the music:

  • Listening to a variety of Scott Cooley songs must occur prior to a decision to participate.
  • Participation is always more important than sponsorship in the sustainability of this mission.


It is our sincerest hope that the tradition of Scott Cooley album release events every two years will at a minimum endure as a self-supporting enterprise that is capable of sustaining the community of participants who dedicate themselves to this mission. Should a financial profit ever become a reality due to the gifts of a growing community, the quality of the subsequent albums they celebrate may improve, but this mission will likely stay the same.