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View product summaries of current releases, purchasing & shipping option info, available stores, buy/download Scott Cooley CDs, MP3s.
Listen to free streams of Scott's songs, use/get widgets & players, links to more free samples elsewhere online.
Read about the Scott Cooley Records microlabel (netlabel) & songwriter demo info, links to more release info.
Read about Scott Cooley Music Publishing history, purpose, goals, sound recording & lyric reprinting permission info.
Read all you ever wanted to know about Scott Cooley's music, described with an excruciating amount of detail.
Private Song Review
Review groups of songs selected for your recording project - stream/download wav or mp3 files, and lyric files.
Amazon (CDs)
For the highest quality audio, physical Scott Cooley compact discs can be purchased from and shipped to you!
Listen to free, original SC recordings on this site and click links to other radio stations that play Scott's music.
View information about and purchase Scott Cooley music in the compact disc format and get it shipped to you.
Buy/download SC MP3s as albums or individual songs, download, review store options from iTunes, Amazon & more.
Buy/download original SC song ringtones for any phone (Android or iOS), read about Ringtones and Ring-backs.
Unofficial Basement Tapes, Demos, B-Sides, Singles, Live Recordings, Previously-Unreleased, EPs, European Versions
HQ for Scott Cooley-related video media:  videos produced, directed and filmed by Scott; music videos; and live performance footage.
Google Play/Music
All Access & Music Key are great options for Android phones and Scott Cooley albums are all currently for sale in Google Play!
View an overview of studio releases by year, summarized album info, session musician info, links to more detail.
An index to detailed pages for each official Scott Cooley album that has been released for sale in online stores.
Repertoire Songs
An index to individual pages for each song on each released album, with comprehensive liner notes and track info.
A listing of page links to all released songs by album which display song info and complete song lyrics for each.
How to acquire a mechanical, syncronization, streaming, public performance, or master use license for Scott's songs.
Learn about Scott Cooley Music Productions, the home recording studio where the albums are produced and recorded.
Apple Music/iTunes
Apple Music and iTunes has Scott Cooley albums & songs available for Mac or PC, which you can download or stream!
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