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Songwriting-Related Sites, Music Store Sites, Online Radio Stations, Social Networking Sites

Mostly, this is where I keep track of the music-related and social networking type online places where I created a space, claimed my own name before the other Scott Cooleys did, uploaded a picture, posted a link back to this site, and then never really visit again. There are tons of these kinds of sites out there, and some buy each other out and maybe get renamed, while others fade away into the internet abyss after the idea fails to catch on enough.  Sometimes after a couple years, they send you an email telling you to get your personal belongings (data) out before they shut their doors permanently.  So I don't guarantee these exist anymore, but at one time they did, and I had a "presence" there.  The most important ones to me which seem to have some staying power - where I actually log in again from time to time - are listed in the main sidebar menu of this site. The rest are below, although some may be duplicates.  When I look at these myself, I think of the sad existence of someone who chooses to spend their free time signing up for online profiles, but then I think it only took a couple minutes each, so...

Tour schedule

My artistry and reperatoire ready for selection

Basic craft communication
Get a license, use the tunes I make up
Check out my track record before dealing with me

Showing my songs to the world

Find my songs and connect with me here

Collaborate with and/or Hire Scott

Request a song custom-tailored for a specific artist, film, television program, commercial, business, event or special person. Start by using the eSession service below, or  Contact Scott Cooley personally for more information.

Scott on Musician's Network Songwriter Page

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Rate this site on Michigan Bands Singer/Songwriter Directory Listing

Rate ScottCooley.Com On MichiganBands.Com


Scott Cooley on American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers

Scott Cooley on ASCAP Network
ACE Database Search


Scott's Ad on Songwriter's Resource Network


Another USA Online Residence for Scott's Songs


Scott Goes Planetary


Track Collaboration Drop Box


Newly Added: Become A Scott Cooley Fan - Amie St.

 Become A Fan/Share Artist on Amie Street, where the songs start free & rise by the download; you get credit for recommending Scott's songs 


A Community for "us" - we know who we are

See also a sort-of related page in this site:

PERSONAL - Network With Scott for Fun

One-stop shop for all things Scott Cooley and social:

Find my songs and connect with me and other creatives on StudioVox:
The Scott Cooley Social Network on Social Go

The Scott Cooley Group, a social network site on GROU.PS

This one time, I put my music online so you could stream/buy it

Yep, Scott Cooley is on MTV
A good place for indie music

Free original SC songs are traded here

Not very automated, can't upload audio
Sometimes you just need a good zug

Exclamatory excitement from SC tunes

Click to share my music here

Scott Cooley on My Space - View, Read and Listen

My Space (zero friends!):

Scott on artist profile page w/ sample streams

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Scott on - Listen/Read/Write Reviews

Scott Cooley's Fan Newsletter & MP3 Podcast


Artist Direct Ultimate Band List

Scott's UBL Artist Page That Is Creating A Buzz - 


Scott on - virtual showcase arena

Scott Cooley Michigan Artist Exposure Listing - Acoustic Genre

Musical artist world you can dig

Hear How I Sound On iSound

Isound page (free sample mp3s):


Scott, the Unsigned Solo Artist


What the internet has done...eliminate all FM radio stations except...

For related info, including Scott Cooley Online Radio Station, refer to the following page within this site:

Scott is a fan of both reverb and our nation


Scott's in the big indie database under Rock - Indie/Lo-fi


Scott is not only independent, he's been "featured"

Featured @!


scottcooley's michigan monster page


know everything and "follow" me here

organized group under a big tent, only online

purity, loudness, and music from emerging artist SRC

Who Do You Love?

Yabba, dabba, do, gabba, gabba, hey, inda house

Yubari Ono, hello moto, domo arigato, Mr. Roboto, whiskey a-go-go

Scott Cooley Radio Stations

Q&A fFor fans of me and my music

Get closer and stay dry

Feelin' It In East Lansing

What it's always all about
Lists of songs I like that you can play

A log of various nets in English

Drinking glasses for acrobats

A cool free website site

A central location for written things

Starts to stories I've written might be here

Join The Scott Cooley Fan Club on Orkut

Join The Scott Cooley Fan Club

Scott Cooley - Official iLike Page - free music, pictures, videos

Scott on iLike - listen, become a fan, recommend to friends


Join the Scott Cooley Tribe

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Scott Cooley Calendar - Public Appearance Schedule

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Scott Cooley Web Logs - Read Online Journal, Prose, Poems, Opinions, Editorials, Fiction, Articles and Rants by Scott Cooley

Scott's Live Journal

blog.scottcooley.comBlogger site (having one is key):

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Scott Cooley Photos – View Picture Galleries

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Scott Cooley on YouTube – Watch Videos

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Podcasts by Scott Cooley

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BUSINESS - Scott Cooley at Work – The Day Job:  Bibliography of Books, Manuals, Guides, Online Help & Articles; Online Portfolio; Web Publishing Experiments

Boring, career-related and/or business-related stuff is at these sites (Scott is a Technical Communicator): (read Scott's highly-praised instructions that have helped make people's lives easier and thus have helped to make the world a better place)

Current Primary Daytime Employment:

  Work Web Site (MSU AFS Staff Space):  a.k.a. Cool Breeze Online:

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