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Scott Cooley (the Site) is constantly updated, including by way of the addition of new pages which are regretfully, not always reflected via updates to this page.  

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Displays a list view of the names of all pages within the Web site with links to each;  or an expandable/collapsible hierarchical tree view of links to pages and subpages within each page;  sorted alphabetically.
Provides an overview of who Scott is as it relates to the site's purpose (offering song licensing and record purchasing); why you should consider working with him as a songwriter; the types of songs he writes, records and sells; and next steps for reviewing and licensing his songs.
Buy Scott Cooley CDs or MP3 album/song downloads; access online stores from which to purchase Scott Cooley recordings;  compare features of online stores;  access album product details;  read about purchasing options.
Contact Scott Cooley and/or his representatives for various purposes;  submit information requests or comments via an online form;  find telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, and additional methods of online communication.
Read about how you can arrange to license original songs by Scott Cooley for various purposes - either directly with Scott or via his partners;  review opportunities and terms;  initiate contract negotiation;  access related information;  request additional information.
Private Song Review
Learn how to obtain exclusive access for listening to Scott Cooley demos;  request a group of songs tailored to your needs;  review songs and lyrics online; review casting ideas;  provide feedback, request additional information; contact Scott, request a license.
Press Kit
Photos, press releases, sample press release, performed with list, places played list, links to related pages, promotional file downloads.
About the Web site; description of the site purpose and business model, links to other "about" pages, business listing.
Newsworthy information pertaining to, records, publishing, songwriting activities;  RSS subscription service; posts-at-a-glance preview.
Images and descriptions of songwriting honors, achievements, & prizes received; info about which songs have been recorded, commissioned, licensed, featured, performed or premiered.
Company history, songwriter identification information, purpose and goals, lyric reprinting permission request, links to related info.
External hyperlinks to Scott Cooley info (songwriting, recording, and personal), social networking sites, bookmarks & sharing, links recommended by Scott.
Choice quotes and blurbs, professional critiques, fan mail, miscellaneous web reviews, post-your-own reviews, links to online reviews and blogs.
Site History
The honest bottom line of why Scott created this web site, how it has changed over the years, images of the original legacy DIY site, purpose explained.
Custom searches, search engines, internal site search options, external Scott Cooley searches, music-specific and songwriting-specific searches.
Ranting and raving, complaining, and whining in written form;  RSS subscription service;  reverse chronological order - vertically scrollable;  topics are random and often pertain to Scott's interests.
Information about Scott Cooley Records, the microlabel, or netlabel, that releases Scott Cooley albums for sale in retail and online stores.
Sometimes Scott ventures out in public, makes appearances in various places where, if you are also there, you can see him;  possibly you will also be able to hear him sing or play guitar.  This tells you when & where.
More than any other page in this site, or on other sites, this is the definitive source for all of the detailed information available about Scott's official releases.
Information for those interested in helping make Scott Cooley songs reach a wider audience;  official fan club information;  donation information;  promotion information.  How to get involved in SC activities worldwide.
Pictures, images, scans & photographs of Scott himself, his family, friends, collaborators and associates; album cover art;  links to similar content elsewhere online.
Headquarters for Scott Cooley - related video media;  links to similar content elsewhere online;  videos produced, directed and filmed by Scott, music videos and live performance footage.
Streaming original music by Scott Cooley, including instrumental music, directly from this site;  links to external online radio stations that play Scott Cooley songs;  subscription and syndication services.
Links to MP3 album and song download/purchase locations; online music store information;  links to MP3 player software application downloads;  links and information pertaining to free Scott Cooley samples.
Frequently asked questions and Scott's answers to them - with a focus on topics of songwriting and recording.  These provide direct, honest answers to how and why Scott writes and records songs.
Feeds that allow you to subscribe to syndicated information and automatically receive notification of new Scott Cooley website and music content, blogs, podcasts, reviews and content updates.
About Scott
This is the closest thing to a Biography about Scott (actually, that would be an autobiography since he wrote it about himself).  This page, however, specifically pertains to the evolution of Scott's songwriting hobby.
Terms of Use
A fairly standard set of terms that you, the visitor and user of this website, agree to by using this site - basically, enjoy the content but don't steal it to profit from it or else.
Privacy Policy
This states, in a nutshell, that we at do not collect any information from you, the visitor to the site.  We don't know how, but if we did, we wouldn't want it or want to use it for any reason.