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For help with the Shopping Cart functionality, refer to support, as Scott Cooley CDs are ordered from and shipped by their online store.

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For help with downloading MP3s of Scott's albums and songs, along with troubleshooting advice and information about refunds and returns, see:

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For help with downloading MP3 albums or single songs from Apple on the iTunes service:

Where Is My Download? - Tips & Tricks

The location of your download depends on your Operating System/Browser combination. If you're having trouble locating your download, one option is to right-click on the download link in your email receipt and select the "Save As" option (wording not exact) which will let you choose where you would like to save the download. Alternatively, you can search for files and folders on your system.

From most browser menus, you can always select something like Tools > Options > General > Downloads to view the current download location setting.  This site is tested on Chrome and Firefox only.

The default location for popular browsers on Mac and Windows as follows:

MAC  (Safari)

Safari's default location on Mac is the Downloads folder

  • Launch Safari
  • Press the keyboard combination: Command+Option+L
  • Right-click on the file in the downloads dialog and select the option to "Show in Finder

WINDOWS  (Internet Explorer)

  • The IE default downloads folder on Windows XP is C:\Documents and  Settings\username\My Documents
  • The IE default downloads folder on Windows Vista is C:\users\username\Downloads

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