Accomplishments, Honors, Prizes, and Achievements

Among Scott’s accomplishments in his life, those for which he is most proud are music-related.  He has not only taught himself how to play instruments and write songs, but he has also taught himself to record his own CDs and create a Web site where you are able to order and purchase them.  He figured all of this out completely on his own by learning it from free information he found on the world wide web.  That, and a lot of hard work – a true labor of love, the fruits of which are a treat for us all.  He wanted to do all this because he thought it would be cool and fun, and it was.

Billboard Song Contest

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Billboard Song Contesthonorable mention T-shirt award recipient

electric sex gleaming in the window

Scott’s only major award to date, like many a major award, was basically obtained by way of an experience that boiled down to purchasing (with an entry fee and shipping costs) himself a t-shirt that to this day serves as not only a source of pride, but a reminder to him that he once had the guts (and money) to take a risk and offer his creation up for professional judgement.  Click on the thumbnail picture above to view a larger version and be even more impressed.