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Abandoned by his parents in his childhood in the upper peninsula of Michigan, Scott initially survived by eating huckleberries and sleeping in a wigwam he built in the Hiawatha National Forest, where he was eventually rescued from the wilderness and raised by a pack of Yoopers who fed him pasties and grog.....See full bio >>

Born:  Scott Richard Cooley, June 21st, 1967 in Flint, Michigan.

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Known For

Moon Dreams

Lakeside Landing

Drive Time Companion

Sense Of Belonging

Cherchez La Femme

Used To Be Good Looking

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 Driftwood - Live At The Lizard House
 Driftwood - 5 1/2
 Lake Effect - Yellow Snow
 Lake Effect - Snowdrifts 3+1/3
 Acoustic Jones - The Fix
 Scott Cooley
 Scott Cooley - Homegrown
 Scott Cooley - Moon Dreams
 Scott Cooley - Lakeside Landing
 Scott Cooley - Drive Time Companion
 Scott Cooley - Sense Of Belonging
 Scott Cooley - A Cooley Christmas
 Scott Cooley - Cherchez La Femme
 Scott Cooley - Used To Be Good Looking

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Other works:  Poetry

:  Plays only acoustic instruments

Nickname:  Cool Breeze

Star SignCancer

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Born in Flint, Michigan on June 21st, 1967 to father Richard Eugene Cooley and mother Wanda Lee Ford.

Is of Irish descent.

Spouse:  Lenore Louise Dunkel (2003-present)

Has one sibling, Courtney, a sister who is two years younger.

Nephews:  David Breaugh III, Maxwell Breaugh, Riley Hart

Niece: Madison Hart

Places lived:  Flint, MI; Grand Blanc, MI; Bay View, MI; Isle Royale, MI; Albion, MI; Southfield, MI; Edwards, CO; Vail, CO; Avon, CO; West Vail, CO; Minturn, CO; Ann Arbor, MI; Lansing, MI; Highland, MI; East Lansing, MI

Early years included living in Flint until 2nd grade and then Grand Blanc, MI until out of college.

Grew up with woods in his backyard, which gave him an early appreciation of the earth's wild places.

Once lived and worked on Isle Royale National Park in Lake Superior.

Recent schools attended:  Grand Blanc High School; Albion College; Cooley Law School

Recent employers:  Oracle Corporation; Synova, Inc.; HTC Global Services, Inc.; Tyroleans Ski School;  Kuali Foundation, Inc.;  Michigan State University; Deque Systems, Inc.

Was once a champion springboard diver.

Can ride a unicycle quite well.

Has never "gone electric" by purchasing an electric guitar, despite borrowing other people's electric guitars to play lead guitar in various garage bands over the years.

Was once in Indian Guides and Boy Scouts of America, achieving the rank of Tenderfoot.

At one time was the tallest member of the prestigious Emerald Shillelagh Chowder and Marching Society.

Since becoming 5 feet 11 1/2 inches tall, his greatest height achieved to date, weight has fluctuated between 170 lbs. and 333 lbs.

Can juggle.

Can walk on his hands.

Is good at making a bird call by cupping hands and blowing into them to make sound of the Morning Dove.

At an early age showed remarkable musical talent in using his body to emulate natural sounds - an example of art imitating nature.

Was taught downhill (alpine) snow skiing by his parents at age three.

Learned to ski powder and moguls well after living & skiing in Vail, CO between 1989-1995.

Is also a decent snowboarder.

Became a registered, alpine ski instructor with the Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA), Rocky Mountain Division in 1991.

Taught skiing at both Vail and Beaver Creek ski resorts in Colorado.

Taught with the Mt. Holly Ski School and coached alpine racing with The Tyroleans group in Michigan.

Is an avid tennis player.

Taught by his father to recite the alphabet backwards, which he can still do.

Favorite car owned was "the Nove"- a '73 Chevy Nova, formerly owned by Grandfather Charlie Ford.

His father and Uncle Jim taught him to sail at an early age.

Crewmember aboard the Windward in the Saginaw Bay Yacht Racing Association in the 1980s.

Was once a crew member of a sailboat during the Bayview Port Huron to Mackinaw Yacht Race.

Was an English major in college.

In his 20's, made a significant contribution to his generation (X) being stereotyped as a bunch of slackers.

Favorite TV show:  South Park

Favorite album:  The Dark Side Of The Moon, by Pink Floyd

Joined the Mid-Michigan Songwriter's Group in 2009.

Has in the past enjoyed whitewater rafting trips on the rivers of the state of Colorado, and canoe trips in Michigan and Canada.

Was once an accomplished tree climber who experienced the agony of defeat by having the wind knocked out of him on numerous occasions.

Favorite place visited:  New Orleans, Louisiana