Scott Cooley no longer plays live gigs, shows, or even open mic nights.  He's never been on tour.  Suffice it to say, he has no need for a schedule.  Once in a while, however, Scott Cooley ventures out in public.  Sometimes, he will post when & where on this calendar ahead of time.  You can read that posted information here, then plan accordingly if you so choose, to be at that same place at that same time.  Simultaneously, you and he could theoretically look at each other, and even possibly speak to each other.  Occasionally, when Scott travels, he sometimes briefly stops and performs his songs in front of other people.  Information related to these types of activities are provided on this page, when available.  Serving as a public appearance calendar, this lists key events where Scott notifies the world that he intends to be in a certain place at a certain time - typically at a songwriter's group get-together at someone's house, a jam session with fellow musicians when the band is temporarily back together, at a coffee house in the evening, around a beach fire, in a nature center, or in winter a ski area lodge and on a Saturday - so if you want to see him, talk to him, get an autograph, or whatever, that would be your best chance to do so.  When Cooley leaves home, you might also find he's gone out to a Flint-area breakfast restaurant, or you might even want to try the Dawn Donuts in Grand Blanc, though he likely won't have a guitar with him there.  Scott is friendly, likes meeting new people, and doesn't really like having his picture taken, but will allow it if it makes others happy;  and also he is not so germophobic that he will not shake your hand when you meet him. If you happen to see Scott in an airport or while he's on the road, and it looks like he's slinging a rifle, fear not, as it is likely to be his backpacker travel guitar, as shown:
Fall 2015 Update:  The backpacker now belongs to Scott's nephew Riley Hart, whom he taught to play it.  He gave it to him as a combination going-away-to-college present, but also to settle up with him for lawn mowing services.

 Seriously though, once every two years, in even numbered years, Scott typically releases a new album around his birthday, and this is the major event associated with his music "career."  Sometimes there is a release party or online "event" of some kind associated with it.  You can definitely find out about those here.

Scott Cooley Public Appearance Calendar

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Scott's birthday is June 21st (born in 1967)