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Road To Me


"Road To Me"
Music & Lyrics by Scott Cooley.

Copyright © ℗ 2008 by Scott Cooley. All rights reserved.

Road To Me
Album cover photos by Lenore & Scott Cooley
Song from the album Drive Time Companion
Position Track # 2
Duration 3:12
Released June 21st, 2008
Label Scott Cooley Records
Format CD, MP3, FLAC, OGG
Genre Americana
Studio Scott Cooley Music Productions
Producer Scott Cooley
Songwriter words and music by Scott Richard Cooley
Publisher Scott Richard Cooley Music Publishing, ASCAP
Personnel Scott Cooley - vocals, guitars, bass, drums, acoustic solo
Track Chronology
"Torn In Two"

"Road To Me"

"Puttin' Up A Pole Barn"
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Brief Description

This maybe has a John Denver feel to it, and it could mean different things to different listeners, and I honestly don't remember what I was thinking about when I wrote this.  Willing someone back into your life could be what this song is about.  Letting them know you're there for them, and the welcome mat is out.  This one might be for the one that got away who is now far away but you're letting them know they can find you and you won't turn them away.  It's universal, and I don't recall writing it about a particular past girlfriend.  It might be an acknowledgement to a former lover that you know it was wrong to break up, and that you know she knows it was wrong to break up too.  It could also be a metaphor for not ruling out the possibility of reunion, but knowing you both know it wasn't meant to be.  It could be about remaining open to returning to a former self, or to getting something back in your life that used to be there that you gave up but now wish you could have back.  It could be about not letting go of the past, or maybe it could be about knowing a lost love is thinking the same way about you as you are about her.  Oh yeah almost forgot - I like the melody on this one too - it's got some of that get-stuck-in-your-head quality.  It's a little bit country, but not enough to call it country.  Americana perhaps?

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