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Over The Waves


"Over The Waves"
Traditional, arranged by Scott Cooley.

Sound Recording Published ℗ 2006 by Scott Cooley. All rights reserved.

"Over The Waves"

Song by Scott Cooley from the album Lakeside Landing
Position #10
Released 2006
Recorded Scott Cooley Music Productions studio, Grand Blanc, Michigan
Genre alternative acoustic, Americana, old timey
Length 1:39
Label Scott Cooley Records
Personnel Scott Cooley - vocals, guitars, bass, percussion, harmonica;  Lenore Cooley - duet vocals, laughing
Publisher Scott Cooley Music Publishing
Producers Lenore & Scott Cooley
Format Compact Disc, MP3, FLAC, OGG
Writer Public domain, trad. arr. by Scott Richard Cooley

"Against The Tide" "Over The Waves" "Fun In The Sun"
(#9) (#10) (#11)





An old trad arr by about sailing and love, this is one of those tunes everyone is familiar with.  I re-discovered it when going through Lenore's sheet music collection from her childhood piano and accordion lessons.  It was just a song we both loved and so made it our first official duet on record.  This recording was played at our wedding reception (08/02/2003) and was featured in the soundtrack of our wedding slideshow and video!