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Rest Assured

Rest Assured is solo artist Scott Cooley's seventh full-length studio album that is scheduled to be released on June 21st, 2016 on Scott Cooley Records.  It contains thirteen new songs written and performed by Scott Cooley.  As a follow-up to Cooley's critically and commercially unsuccessful 2014 album Used To Be Good LookingRest Assured explores similar genres, themes, and instrumentation to those on his past releases. Recording sessions took place primarily in Scott's basement recording studio in Grand Blanc, Michigan in 2015 and 2016 with no production budget other than the cost of Scott's time as writer, performer, producer and engineer, and the recording equipment and instruments he had previously purchased years before.

Track Sequence, Song Page Links and Brief Song Descriptions

 Track  Song  Length  Description
 01  I Take Some Getting Used To 4:26  A song about a guy being honest about being a hard nut to crack at first while remaining hopeful for love, with a roots feel and backing harmonica. 
 02 Show Up 3:54  A commentary about the negative impact communications tech and social media have made on personal relationships, featuring the marimba. 
 03 Burn Your Candles  4:20  A song of encouragement to live life to the fullest and not wait to get around to doing things you've been meaning to do, driven by congas/bongos. 
 04 Good For Me  4:39  Guy celebrates his gal's good fortune as a win for them both instead of being jealous of it, featuring the polka flavor of Lenore Cooley on accordion. 
 05 So Shy  4:30  About maturity creeping in to the life of a young guy who's sewn some wild oats and is now experiencing the power of falling in love for the first time. 
 06 Baby Please Come Home  2:29  Guy misses girl and wants her back after she's mysteriously left him, and he vows to not judge her upon her return, complete with a sharp slide solo. 
 07 Coney  4:03  A unique phenomenon experienced by those from the Flint Michigan area who know it well and by a single word, delivered with an old-timey feel. 
 08 Call Me Crazy  4:18  Realization of past mistakes, and how others affected by them might perceive their maker, in the form of a power acoustic ballad, if that's possible. 
 09 Hell On Earth  2:54  How good looks can slowly kill from the perspective of the trophy wife award recipient, led by a fast-rocking brush on snare drum and barre chord thumb. 
 10 Whatever Floats Your Boat  3:41  The man likes the woman so much, he genuinely wants her to be happy, whether her desires include him or not, with harmonica intro & solo. 
 11 Where There's Smoke  4:20  A tale of the plight of America's environment since the arrival of Europeans, inspired by a 70s anti-pollution TV commercial w/ a Native American vibe. 
 12 Something About New Orleans  5:44  A jazzy, bluesy, zydeco song about the people and place, featuring Lenore Cooley on accordion, and Scott taking the washboard for a spoon. 
 13 No One To Call  5:41  A great golden classic country twanger that pleads for her to take him back after she left him, with backing harmonica and acoustic steel slide solo. 

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Rest Assured
Album cover photo by Scott Cooley
Studio album by Scott Cooley
Catalog # SCR07
Released 21 June 2016
Recorded July 2014 – April 2016
Studio Scott Cooley Music Productions
Genre Acoustic Rock, Americana, Folk
Length 55:31
Label Scott Cooley Records
Producer Scott Cooley
Personnel Lenore L. Cooley - Accordion on track #'s 4 & 12
Scott Cooley chronology
Used To Be Good Looking
Rest Assured

Missing The Boat

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Liner Notes

Copyright © ℗ 2016 by Scott Cooley. All rights reserved. Music and lyrics for all songs written by Scott Cooley. Studio album released June 21st, 2016 on Scott Cooley Records, catalog # SCR07. Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered in Michigan, USA by Scott Cooley. Album art by Scott Cooley. Lead and background vocals; rhythm, lead and slide acoustic guitars; acoustic bass guitar; harmonica; marimba; drums and percussion performed by Scott Cooley. Accordion on tracks 4 & 12 performed by Lenore Cooley.

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