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The River Of No Return


"Your First True Love"
Music & Lyrics by Scott Cooley.

Copyright © ℗ 2010 by Scott Cooley. All rights reserved.

"The River Of No Return"

Song by Scott Cooley from the album Sense Of Belonging
Position #8
Released 2010
Recorded Scott Cooley Music Productions studio, East Lansing, Michigan
Genre alternative acoustic, Americana, folk
Length 3:29
Label Scott Cooley Records
Personnel Scott Cooley - vocals, guitars, bass, percussion
Publisher Scott Cooley Music Publishing
Producer Scott Cooley
Format Compact Disc, MP3, FLAC, OGG
Writer words/music by Scott Richard Cooley

"Your First True Love" "The River Of No Return" "Homesick"
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The River Of No Return is an environmental song of sorts.  It's about the desire to live alone in the wilderness.  I've always wanted to try it.  I grew up with woods in my backyard where I spent a lot of time in my youth.  It was like a sanctuary for me, a spiritual place.  I have a love and strong appreciation of nature and the earth's wild places, and have loved camping, hiking, and wilderness experiences as an adult as well.  I know I'd get tired of trying to live off the land and be in the middle of nowhere for a long period of time like Henry David Thoreau or that guy from the PBS documentary about the guy who built a cabin by a remote lake in Alaska and lived there for decades.  Still, it's something I'd like to do for a while to see what it's like.  Anyway, I started to write this song after I was checking out Google Maps where you can zoom in or out on anywhere in the world.  Online exploring, I guess, and trying to see where there might be some interesting places to check out in person some day.  I worked one summer on Isle Royale National Park in Lake Superior, and ever since have had the desire to visit more national parks and government-protected wildlife areas.  So during this online exploration for such places, I couldn't help but zoom in on the state of Idaho, a place I've never been to, because as I say in the song - on the map it's mostly green.  This is what intrigued me and inspired the song, and of course, as one does in this day and age, I checked out wikipedia to research some factual info as well.  If I do go there someday, I'll be sure to blog about it.  Here's that green area: