Scott's Blog ^ (songwriting-specific)

Welcome to the official Scott Cooley blog, where Scott writes about whatever the heck he feels like writing about, whenever the heck he feels like doing it. Rather than serving as an online diary, this web log focuses on short, high-quality articles that are primarily textual commentaries on subjects of Scott’s choosing which are usually related to his personal interests and experiences, with topic entries displayed in reverse chronological order.
The "other" blog replaces this blog.  I thought to myself, even though one blog is about songwriting, and the other is about whatever topic I want, I usually related the topic to songwriting, recording, music, etc., so why not combine them into just one blog, and why not use the blogger technology!  So there you have it, and here it is, THE only Scott Cooley Blog (which is still a part of, but also a part of Blogger.  You can read it here: