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1st & probably only "video" from new album is now "up" on YouTube

posted Jun 26, 2018, 7:16 PM by Scott Cooley
Yes, I've ventured into promoting my albums for several years with one "music video" from each of my last couple album releases, so I thought I'd follow suit with the latest, Missing The Boat.  First I did a follow-along-with-the-pictures video for 2014's Smitten With The Mitten, which featured each of Michigan's state symbols and took me forever and a day to synch up.  Telling myself I'd never put myself through that torture again, I decided to take it easier on myself and venture into attempting a true lyric video for 2016's Coney, and that was also very time consuming and a major hassle I said I'd never attempt again.  

Now here it is 2018 and once again, I used the free Microsoft Movie Maker I think it's called, only this time I decided to just do a bunch of pictures that change every few seconds throughout the song with nothing syncronized - way easier!  The song is called A Tiki Torch For You, and it's a personal song with special meaning for approximately 20 people in this world who will hopefully find it quite entertaining, but otherwise, people not "in the know" won't really get it.  It's not the first time I've done such a thing, but hey, maybe you'll imagine your own backstory and love it.  

Guess in my previous news, blog, and/or social media posts leading up to this album release I haven't really admitted an important aspect of my new album, but it was inevitable that I would need to eventually, so I will do so now.  So preemptively, before being called out on it, this new video features track #9 which is one song of many on the album that might be described as sort of being kind of like a Jimmy Buffett song.  In this regard, it's more of a concept album than others I suppose.  

I realize revealing this fact immediately turns off a lot of people out there in the world to never give it a listen or a chance.  To each their own.  No accounting for people's taste in music.  I prefer the fun, the simple, the nautical, the tropical, the escapism from time to time in my music listening experience.  Maybe it's because I'm a big fan of sailing and vacations and relaxing and taking it easy.  Taking it easy - in songwriting, the best songs come easily, and perhaps the same can be said for the music video - it too needs to come easily.

YouTube Video