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Buying the new Scott Cooley album will keep your mind young!!!

posted Jun 7, 2018, 7:29 PM by Scott Cooley   [ updated Jun 7, 2018, 7:31 PM ]
This is a redemption post to quickly cover up my poor reporting in the last news item herein.  This time, it's based on stuff I found on the internet (which I like to call "hard evidence") because as we all know, the information would not have been placed on to the internet in the first place if it had not been absolutely true and based on scientific proof.

Research has proven that listening to new music gives your brain a workout. As we age, we all need to do what we can to keep our minds in shape.  So if you're stuck in a rut with the same Journey Greatest Hits CD in your car, or your iPhone 80s playlist of Madonna, Prince, Phil Collins and Tears for Fears is getting a little stale, try the new Scott Cooley album.  Better yet, try, then buy all of his (my) albums.  You need a change, and it can keep you mentally fit.

Studies have shown that Scott's music makes people happy, and trust us when we say this is arguably Scott's happiest album ever.  You want to be happy, right?  Of course you do.  There is one solution to you getting some of this kind of happiness for yourself - buy the new album!

New music like Scott's may be quite different than your mainstream 80s stuff you like, and keeping an open mind to appreciating something outside your comfort zone can boost your alertness, memory and mood.  Additonally, a change in your music listening routine can help keep your mind young by boosting your brain's ability to learn, process and retain new information.  

Don't be blinded by science, mix it in dubly, and smell the glove that is new music discovery.  Scott Cooley can become your favorite new artist, and not only will you have that going for you, but there's this awesome back catalog to discover!  Seriously, you will find songs you like, as there is strong evidence to back up such a claim, when you consider both the variety, and how a new style can grow on you.  

It will not only help to ward off Alzheimer's, but it will also ward off depression and brain fog.  Discovering new music is something you've done before in your life, so you know how to do it, and how fun it can be.  Don't lose interest in things you love, especially new music.  

When you have a friend, family member or acquaintance who has new music available (like me), then why not give it a try?  It's already been described as "not bad," so this can only support our belief that listening to new Scott Cooley music is good for you.  Stay sharp, my friends.