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Got Scott on your phone? There's an App for that. Distribution cost offset goal reached, more

posted Aug 19, 2014, 6:44 PM by Scott Cooley
Yes indeed people (and Google robots), I’m happy to report to you that recently, I actually checked some accounts, crunched a few numbers, and can confirm I’ve now made more income from sales royalties of my recent album, Used To Be Good Looking, than the cost for distributing it to online stores!  Woo hoo!  The party can continue.  I knew you’d be relieved to know this.

The funny thing is it doesn’t really take into account the hours of labor on my part, but hey, I was going to do the songwriting, music playing, singing and recording anyway.  Nor does it cover the various upgrades to equipment and instruments here and there in the last couple years, but I was going to buy that stuff anyway too.  If you expected a slicker sound this time, know that the upgrades made it easier for me to deliver the same production quality you’ve come to expect from me, nothing more.

Oh yeah, one more thing…I’ve got an app now, so feel free to go to my new Apps page of my web site, where there is one app so far.  How it works is you point your smartphone’s barcode scanner at the QR code thingy on there, and then bang! should have the Scott Cooley band app.  That’s short for application, yo, and it does things like provide you with information about me, the musician, as well give you a way to listen to my music, buy it, and other cool stuff like that.  Someone told me I should have one, so I figured it out and now I do, so there you go.

But wait, as an added bonus, there’s still even more:  my top seller on iTunes is Goin’ Up To Leadville right now, so I gotta give a shout out to my old friends from the Vail, Colorado area.  I hereby shout out to you, and say thanks for the patronage and support of this songwriting habit of mine!

Hoping you stay out of trouble and have a pleasant mud season,