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Interesting enough to report to you, the general public: I've Moved

posted Apr 12, 2015, 10:17 PM by Scott Cooley   [ updated Apr 12, 2015, 10:17 PM ]
A recent event for me and my family that you did not previously know about is the fact that I've moved.  Yes, I've changed where I live from East Lansing (EL) back to Grand Blanc (GB), which I've always considered my home town.  It's a 1-hr drive away.

I've lived in a lot of places, having been born in the city of Flint (the larger metropolitan area you say you're from when asked by people who likely will not have ever heard of Grand Blanc), but it's the place where I've spent a majority of time in my life so far.  

After moving from Flint to GB the summer before 2nd grade, I lived there until out of high school, then later for several years as a young adult, and now I'm back where I feel most comfortable again.  Moving is a major life event change that can be stressful, and mine has definitely been.  

Still in the unpacking/organizing stage, I've also been laid off from my day job - an event that essentially severed the few ties I had to the EL area, and that has also added to the stress because it is also a major life event change.

Luckily, I was able to find a place to live in GB and move there before selling the house in EL.  So now my life is all about house selling and job searching.  No songwriting or recording, which is a bummer, but I'll get back to it eventually.  Interesting challenges, interesting times.

Great songs often arise from experiencing hard times, and hard times are always bittersweet, since there's always positive aspects.  So far, I'm thinking "blessing in disguise" about the job loss, and keeping faith that every cloud has a silver lining like the change back to familiar surroundings.

So, for those of you who may be impacted by where I reside, the effect should be a positive one, since I probably live closer to you now, and you can be happy that I'm happier.  You see, I'm closer to family and friends now, and knowing my way around makes life easier.

It's also my wife Lenore's home town, so it's nice for both of us for the same reasons, and our dog Levi likes the bigger yard.  It's a bigger house too, and should turn out to be more affordable as well.  Numerous positives.

What's really cool is I'm near woods, in fact they're right in the back yard, just like the house I grew up in, and I love the quiet setting that is between two small towns but just off the beaten path enough to feel like it's in the country.  Fresh air, the sound of birds, wildlife, peace and quiet, yet not too far to a grocery store, gas station, or highway exit.

For those concerned about how to get in touch, the website, email address and cell phone numbers are all staying the same.  Scott Cooley the songwriter you know and love will continue on the same path as always, so rest assured, there's more music to come, and it will still be made in Michigan!