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It's Official, My 5th Full-Length Has "Dropped"

posted Jun 21, 2012, 6:24 PM by Scott Cooley   [ updated Oct 23, 2012, 7:36 PM ]
Today, I officially released my fifth long-playing record album to you, the public.  It's my birthday, by the way (age 45) and this event continues my tradition of releasing a new album every two years on my birthday.  By release, I mean it is now available for sale in all of the major online stores - Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Rhapsody, eMusic, Spotify, and many more.  Wherever you buy music, it's there.  It's named "Cherchez La Femme" and you can get a CD mailed to you, or you can download the album or even the individual songs as MP3s.  Furthermore, you can "stream" it, which means listen to it online, for free on the internet over your computer speakers.  That's right - free steaming.  To learn all about it, listen to it, and more, details are provided on the album page of this site here:  Cherchez La Femme.  It contains 13 songs that I wrote and recorded myself.  My lovely wife Lenore played accordion on a couple songs too.  I'm proud of it and hope you like it.  It's mostly what I would call acoustic rock and roll music.  For do-it-yourselfers like me, it's a challenge to get people interested, so the following is additional information I'm providing to convince you to check out my music.  I would love it if I was able to gain a larger audience.  So if you're at all interested, read on.

Why You Would Be Interested

For the same reason you’re interested in Neil Young.  For example, we’ve all heard a Neil song before and thought to ourselves things like “if only he’d worked harder on the verse”  or “if only he’d fixed those bad notes in that solo” or “if he’d only tried to sing it a little more on key” it would’ve been better...but then you realize it wouldn’t be Neil otherwise, and that’s how we like him – he doesn’t have to be close to perfection for us to get a kick out of listening to his music.

Why You Should Feel Great About Supporting Me

Do you feel like a sucker when you buy some amateurish musician’s CD?  If it sucks, you feel like you wasted your money on something. Do you ever feel sort of embarrassed to admit you have some independent, unpopular music in your collection?  How often does anyone review your CD collection?  Do you really care about these kinds of things, or do you allow yourself the freedom to explore what you want to listen to on your own terms?  We thought so.

Why It’s Exciting

  • because when it’s someone you know, it’s just interesting to hear what kind of music they come up with, satisfying your curiosity about how their personality is expressed via music
  • because even if you don't know me, if you’re from one of my former (Flint, Grand Blanc, Albion, Vail) or current (East Lansing) stomping grounds, you are going to feel good about supporting a notable resident – or would that be notorious resident?
  • because it’s a good feeling to own some obscure stuff in your record collection from someone you have some sort of a personal connection with
  • because it’s always gratifying to support your local creative community, and along the way help the arts and culture of your community thrive

Why It’s Special

  • It’s somewhat rare to find music created by one person who predominantly writes the songs, sings the songs, plays the instruments, produces, arranges, records, mixes, masters, and designs the artwork packaging - all by himself.
  • It’s a fun and unique listening experience to hear one person’s vision of how a song should be written and recorded in a way that truly authentic and never overproduced with electronics that mask the imperfections.
  • It's often pleasantly surprising to hear what someone with no formal training can come up with on a shoestring budget - there's a raw genuine honesty you don't get from artists who use studio session musicians and professional recording engineers.

Reasons To Engage You

  • When someone asks you if you have any SC music, you can proudly say “yes, I do” and this thereby makes you a member of an exclusive club of people who get the acquired taste aspect, and you’re then qualified and prepared to discuss why you like it with others.
  • It’s entirely possibly to expand your musical horizons and personal listening tastes and work in something new instead of holding so tightly to those perfect Journey albums from the early 80s or whatever – it can be a liberating experience, and you’re never too old to try new things.  More opportunities for you to engage include joining the mailing list and immediately getting a free original SC song download; and sharing links to the albums & songs at your favorite online stores with people in your social network…and be cool because of it. 

Reasons To Buy

  • You can allow yourself to use that credit card you’ve been trying not to use this year for a personal item to treat yourself with, which can in and of itself improve your outlook on life.
  • More than any other SC album, this one is about love and is meant to appeal to women more than men, kind of like that white James Taylor greatest hits album you’ve had since the mid 80s.
  • Take part in the excitement and while you’re at it get up to date with the recently re-mastered and re-released entire SC back catalog on CD – buy all five and here’s my guarantee:  if you listen to all five and never smile, send me your proof of purchase and I’ll personally refund your money.