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More Pre-Order Options: Apple Music & iTunes!

posted May 24, 2016, 5:16 PM by Scott Cooley   [ updated May 24, 2016, 5:27 PM ]

Michigan Songwriter Scott Cooley's New Album Now Available for Pre-Order at Apple Music

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Scott Cooley Records and Scott Cooley Music Productions are proud to announce that regionally known Michigan songwriter Scott Cooley is about to formally release a new album of new songs on June 21st, 2016. Containing 13 songs and titled Rest Assured, it marks his 7th such release in the last dozen years.

It is now being offered on both the new Apple Music service as well as their popular iTunes service. Both online music stores offer the ability to order the album for $12.49. Why $12.49? Get the answer in Scott's recent blog post about his album pricing here!

RIGHT NOW, IT'S ONLY $9.99!!!  If you want to buy the album from these stores, even though it is not yet available, you can do so simply by clicking (or tapping) the orange pre-order button. This will work from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod as well as on a Mac or PC device.

Included as a "single" that you can download immediately when you pre-order is the song titled Coney. When you confirm the pre-order, you are only charged for this song, and the rest charges to the payment method you have on file when the album is officially released on June 21st. You'll receive an email letting you know that the full album is ready to download (or it will happen automatically when turned on).

You can read more about the advantages of pre-ordering, as well as other services such as Google Play Music that also offer pre-ordering in this related news item:

What you get is the ability to preview the names of tracks and cover artwork, free sample streaming of different songs, and the instant gratification track, Coney, that Michigan fans will particularly appreciate. Additionally, pre-ordering will actually help Scott rise on the iTunes charts!

More About Scott and the new album, Rest Assured:

Solo recording artist, singer, multi-instrumentalist, and award-winning songwriter Scott Cooley defies easy description in today's music world. His singing voice is not his strong suit, he is far from being a virtuoso at playing acoustic guitar, bass, percussion, or harmonica. He blends many genres and styles of music while making it distinctively his own unique brand.

It comes from the heart of someone passionate about music, someone who makes the best of the talent he has through attention to quality craftsmanship despite a lack of any formal training. Without natural gifts as tools, he makes up for it with equal parts creativity and sweat equity.

You'll hear a deep thinker, a soulful expression of a midwestern values, and a strong spirit behind these songs. You won't hear the automatically-tuned vocals, the virtual instruments, or the perfection or polish of today's popular music, nor will you hear the poor quality of songwriting that comes with it. Instead, you get a refreshingly real sound that might be described as Americana, folk, rock and roll, blues, or roots, with hints of more exotic styles here and there.

An independent, DIY aesthetic is used to deliver songs ranging from the thought-provoking to the funny to the poetic, and you can immediately hear a fun, interesting perspective on the world from a guy who majored in English in college who has since gained some considerable wisdom via both the American experience and introspection.

Quietly and without much publicity, this non-performing musician has steadily released a solid catalog of wonderful material that at once begs for professional vocalists and session musicians while at the same time allows the potential these songs would have for such people to shine through in a real and exciting way. Through word-of-mouth recommendation and social sharing, the fan base continues to grow with each release.

Scott Cooley is available for interview via the various contact information available at Please use your preferred method to set up a time that is convenient. While you're at it, please enjoy visiting and perusing Scott's excellent website to discover much more information, including music samples, online press kit, photos, bio, etc.

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