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New album due to make a splash in June

posted Apr 14, 2018, 6:25 AM by Scott Cooley   [ updated Apr 14, 2018, 6:25 AM ]
Some people, whether they realize it or not, only like music that is made with electronic amplification, fake drum loops, virtual instruments, auto-tuning, and synthesized effects.  For some other people, they just can't stand acoustic guitar music that doesn't feature folk-style finger picking and super-serious subject matter.  For other types of people, any music that has singing must have outstanding perfect-pitch vocalists backed by absolutely perfect music.  Those people need not read on.

The latest album from Scott Cooley is due out soon (June 21st), and at that time it will be the eighth studio album he has released containing all new, original songs.  Titled "Missing The Boat," it is maybe a little more sunny than the last few albums.  It may be less than perfect, but it's cool and it's fun, and most importantly, not too serious.

This is not as big a deal as finding out about a new album from a mainstream major label artist with radio airplay, videos and arena tours.  Scott's fame and prominence is regional, at best, but fans from all over the world have bought his music, presumably due to viral recommendation and internet discovery tools.

If you're in the Flint, Michigan area, or anywhere in the Great Lakes region for that matter, this will hit close to home for you.  Even if you knew Scott from his days of jamming in bands in the Vail, CO area in the early 90's, you will still experience a similar effect - someone you know or used to live near has awesome new music available, and if you're from anywhere with cold winters you'll appreciate the warm climate escapism.

Is Scott Cooley's music humorous and quirky?  Yes.  Even though some of it can be sad, this album in particular is a happy, feel-good record.  Kick off your summer with a soundtrack of acoustic fun, bring it along on your next boat trip and hit the lakes with style.  You've now been warned it will be in your favorite online music store in just a couple of months, so you can plan for setting aside enough credit card room to buy it and sail into summer with the right new music.