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Spotify Updates - In Control of Myself

posted May 15, 2017, 1:35 PM by Scott Cooley
Hey visitors and news subscribers, I know it's been a while since I posted an item, but at least now I am finally getting around to it.  Not really "newsworthy" but nonetheless somewhat related, a new thing with me is that - can't believe I'm embracing such a service that pays me no money whatsoever, but... - I now have control of my own artist page in Spotify.  Yep, so I know a lot of you out there use that service, have an account, pay a monthly amount to stream whatever you want whenever you want, on any device you want, and I can see why music fans would appreciate those things.

Hard to believe, but Spotify Japan contacted me to take control of my artist profile, so I did.  Said "control" simply means you can specify a featured album or track that expires in 15 days, which I did (the song "Coney" from my 2016 release Rest Assured album), and update your photo which must be gigantic (so I did - the one from my 2nd album cover with me sitting under a tree by a lake playing a guitar).  Assuming that updated the Spotify US profile as well, but I don't use the Spotify app myself.  

I think if you have an account and log in, the link would be this:  Once you've got a Spotify for Artists account (in my case, my music was already on there, I just had to claim myself), you can also see a bunch of interesting analytics, for example:

Top cities


1 Lincoln US
2 Tainan TW
3 Bristol GB
4 Mexico City MX
5 Barcelona ES
6 Ridgewood US
7 East Lansing US
8 Melbourne AU
9 Merced US
10 Madrid ES
11 New Orleans US
12 Lebanon US
13 Hunters Hill AU
14 Atlanta US
15 Örebro SE
16 Bryant US
17 Winchester US
18 Manhattan US
19 Scottsdale US
20 Paris FR
21 Hobart AU
22 Seacliff AU

Well, first off it's always cool to see a city from the good old Midwest right at the top!  I had no idea I was big in Taiwan, Spain or Mexico (although I did release a couple singles on iTunes Mexico many years ago now).  I was psyched to see places like New Orleans and Paris on there and Great Britain of course.  Sweden too - very cool, yet not all that surprising I guess because I think I read that Spotify started there.  

Most of all, I was surprised and totally stoked to see a lot of places in Australia on there!  Really awesome and good to know.  So, g'day and no worries to the mates who like Vegemite crumbs and barbequed shrimp and Fosters down under.  

Even though they've yet to pay me anything at all for the seven albums available on there and having been an artist with them for many years now, thank you Spotify users anyway for listening!  Maybe they'll cut me a check some day if you keep it up.