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More Scott Cooley

posted Oct 10, 2014, 8:39 PM by Scott Cooley
More Scott Cooley.  This is where you find out about it first, and there will be more.  

So far, six studio albums with at least thirteen songs each, seventy-nine songs in total, including three traditional public domain covers arranged by Scott, two original instrumentals, and seventy-six originals altogether, have been released. There's a lot to discover already.

The Commitment

Consistently, Scott has released a new album of brand-new material every two years since 2004, and he’s made a commitment to continue with this schedule indefinitely.  More about the commitment and the motivation behind it is available in a blog post here.

The Countdown Continues

That’s why at the bottom of the left navigation menu on there is a countdown timer displaying the number of days until the next record.  It lets you know there’s more on the way, and when you can expect it.  As of this news announcement post, that number is 620 days, and more songs are on their way.  Already, there are two strong keeper candidates in the cannon, ready to be shot out to you on June 21st, 2016.

More Related Upcoming Projects

As this “album release year” winds down (check out Used To Be Good Looking if you haven't already), and songwriting for the next is ramping up, there are more projects in the works for the in-between:

More About The Art Itself

If you wonder about the music, and want to learn more, start with the Albums page of, which will then lead you an excruciating amount of detail about each album, and what’s more, on each album page there are links to sub-pages for each and every song on each album.  You can read the complete liner notes, see the complete CD artwork, instrumentation and recording information, and the “story behind the song” for every song.  But that’s not all…

Lyrics?  Where can you find them?

The recent and apparently increasing fascination with the lyrics is interesting, and if there’s any mystery, Scott intends to solve it!  Soon, Scott will begin to publish the complete lyrics for each and every song on those individual song pages.  Previously these have not been available, but due to increasing demand, Scott plans to begin the gradual supply by trickling them in as free time allows.  There may also eventually be a single page listing them all together, which may turn out to be some sort of sortable, database-driven thing if Scott figures out how to do it.


On a related note, a complete lyric and chord songbook of the entire released catalog of Scott Cooley Records is planned for publishing and release in mid-2015.  This is an ambitious project with an aggressive schedule, since it’s proving to be extremely tedious work, but it needs to happen.  The motivation is twofold:  1) people want to both know the lyrics and how to play the music, and this is a natural progression of the lyric posting project noted above; and 2) Scott needs the lyric/chord book documented so he can use it as a tool to actually memorize his own songs, which as a surprise to many, is something he’s never attempted – with the goal of being performance-ready.

Background and Authenticity

Many who are new to Scott’s music or are curious to find out more about Scott are in the right place to do so.  The pages of make it clear that the music is truly authentic – it’s real and genuine and springs from a strong passion.  Scott can’t help writing songs, and like them or not, Scott is a lifelong songwriter who continues to create unique songs, and continues to be highly motivated to record them and get them out into the world to satisfy the steadily increasing fan base.  He loves it, and there’s no danger of him stopping any time soon.  The web site is also full of a wealth of factual information (see SCDb and ScottipediA) about Scott’s involvement with the craft of songwriting and music recording.  

So while you wait for the next album, even if you know something about Scott and his music background already, you can learn more here, and expect exciting updates along the way.