Recording Completed For Upcoming Album Release

Post date: Apr 22, 2016 3:54:27 AM

What is it?

Finally! I'm proud and pleased to announce that the recording part of my next album is finished. What this means is that I've completed the songwriting and recording of 13 new original songs. What's left to do is the mixing, mastering, and getting it out to you. So, I am happy to report that as long as I don't die between now and June 21st, it is highly likely that I will be releasing another record.

Why should I care?

If you're reading news posted at, you probably already do care, but Rest Assured, if you're a fan of my past releases, you'll be a fan of this one too. If you're at all like me, you'll find as I have that when you like an artist's music, regardless of how you originally found out about them, you can only handle so much at first. You start getting into slowly discovering the back catalog, and your favorite songs list changes over time. At a certain point you may even say to yourself that you know enough about this artist, and pause the discovery for a period of time, only to return.

It's whatever that thing is that makes you return and resume your fandom that is the very spark that makes you begin to crave more and look forward to upcoming releases as well. I'm like that with a lot of artists and bands, and when I hear about a new album release, I'm faced with the buying hassle and the price, which makes me back off and procrastinate for a while. Eventually, I come around and do the clicking and get the album though. Usually, I need more info first, so I read descriptions and reviews and the like - this is where you can help if so inclined. The same reason you're reading content on this website is the same reason you buy music. You want to learn more, and hear more.

Many reading this will already be aware of what my music is all about, and that makes you qualified to help share this information with others. So, if you have a lot of followers and would like to let people know via social media, that would be great. After the mastering is complete, I will be ready to distribute it to the web music stores, and update my website. Then, I'll hope somehow I can figure out a few ways to let people know it's available. If you know of any free, easy ways to promote/publicize/market/advertise new independent music these days, let me know.

What's Included?

What I can tell you about this new album is that the songs pass my personal weeding out process to be release-worthy. The sound, instrumentation, and style will be similar to my past releases, which should not disappoint current fans. What may slightly surprise and set this one apart is that it's not as bluesy or serious as the last album, nor does it have as many slow and long songs. The sunnier take on lighter subject matter, combined with the faster tempo and dare I say slightly more commercial pop appeal may be evident as compared with previous efforts.

You'll get your expectations met otherwise, including my unique voice doing lead and background vocals, my acoustic guitar doing lead, slide and rhythm, the acoustic bass guitar, and the real and minimalist drums and percussion as the basic foundation, topped off with some harmonica and marimba here and there. The icing on this cake will include not one, but two songs that feature the lovely Lenore Louise Cooley on squeeze box.

The genres are varied as usual, and you'll hear hints of Native American, Americana, roots rock, folk rock, folk punk, traditional country, ballads, zydeco, and even polka. The subject matter includes unique perspectives on love and relationships, living life to the fullest, celebration, wild-oat sewing, maturity creeping into life, regret, looks killing, vacation destination, the environment, and coney dogs.

How do I get it?

As I have previously done with my past 6 album releases, I plan to make it available at all of the usual places where you can buy music online, including the popular ones that may be your preferred favorites, like Google Play Music, Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, and Bandcamp. And I will of course be releasing the album on CD as well, which will be available on Amazon, so you old schoolers can add it to your collection, proudly display it in your home or car, and enjoy the high-quality sound, artwork and liner notes. June 21st!