Even if you can barely play guitar, you're gonna want the Scott Cooley Songbook.Β  Hell yeah!

Scott Richard Cooley Music Publishing is proud to offer to you free of charge an e-book that shows you how to easily sing and play any Scott Cooley song on a guitar.Β  The first volume of the Scott Cooley songbook is now available from the links below. It shows you the chords and lyrics for every song from the first 10 studio albums released on Scott Cooley Records.Β  It is designed to alleviate the issue of having to scroll vertically to view an entire song by displaying roughly half of a song on the left page and the rest on the right page.Β  Should you ever want to record a version and release it for sale, use the simple form on the Licensing page of this site to get permission.Β  Check out the official songbook release announcement here.

Viewing a whole two-page song on one screen

Important!Β  The Scott Cooley Lyric and Chord Songbook displays each song on two pages, but you can adjust the settings in Acrobat reader to view each song in its entirety in a single window side by side, so that the first page is on the left pane, and the second page is on the right pane.Β  For optimum viewing when learning and performing a song, you will want to display even-numbered pages on the left and odd-numbered pages on the right so you don't have to scroll by enabling the following view setting options to view the entire song (both pages at once):

Now, when you click on a song title from the left sidebar Bookmarks menu, both of its pages are displayed in the main content pane at right, as shown below:

This allows you to play and sing the entire song by reading from top to bottom, left to right.Β  If you choose to download and then print the songbook, opening to any page after the introductory section will display the first half of the song on the left, and the last half of the song on the right, so you can place it on a standard music stand and have the entire song available without having to turn the page mid-song.

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