Scott Richard Cooley (U.S. citizen, born 1967) has published the performing arts works (song lyrics & music) he has written, recorded and released on the albums that are currently for sale to the public on the Store page on this site. Copies of these songs have been offered to other online stores for the purpose of further distribution for sale as compact discs and downloadable MP3 files (both entire albums and individual songs), and for public performance via streaming on online radio stations. CAE/IPI No. 345.88.02.44

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Purpose and Goals

Scott Richard Cooley Music Publishing exists to accomplish the following:

    • Secure Commercially Released Recordings: Achieve CD album cuts of songs in our catalog by recording artists looking for new material.

    • Negotiate Licenses, Mechanical and Synchronization Rights

    • Collect Royalties from Licensees

    • Administer Musical Compositions

    • File Necessary Information to Mechanical and Performing Rights Organizations

    • Promotion of Songs for Television Shows, Commercials and Motion Pictures

    • Production and Distribution of Demonstration Recordings

    • Copyright Registration, Enforcement and Protection

    • Representation for U.S. & Canadian Publicity & Print Publication

Lyric Reprinting Permission

Request Electronic (soft) or Paper (hard) Copies of Lyrics or Lead Sheets

Lyrics for Scott Cooley’s songs are reprinted by permission only. Refer to the Lyrics page for more information, or Contact us for consideration of your request by a representative from our print publication department.

Lyrics and/or Lead Sheets can be made available to you via e-mail attachment, download from this site, or regular mail.

See also: Licensing, a page which contains information about contracts for usage of songs published by Scott Cooley, including online forms to request either mechanical or synch licenses.

Company History

Scott Cooley set up his own publishing company, Scott Richard Cooley Music Publishing, and holds exclusive rights to all his music. Scott Richard Cooley Music Publishing is affiliated with the performing rights society American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP). As a single, owner-operated home business, Scott Richard Cooley Music Publishing has consistently maintained a unique presence in the music industry by representing only one songwriter - Scott Cooley.

Experts advise aspiring songwriters to establish their own publishing company to be taken seriously in the industry, so Scott decided to heed it. They also preach that it is extremely important for aspiring music publishers to be sure they do not include their own name in the name of their company so that they are not perceived as "hip-pocket" publishers. Scott thought this advice made little sense, particularly when considering the future of the industry, and chose to ignore it.

New Artists

Currently no solicited or unsolicited material is being accepted. The present portfolio does not feature artists or songwriters other than Scott Cooley, and it is unlikely new/unsigned artists or other songwriters will be considered for publishing deals in the future.

See the Songbook page for full details.

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