Sense Of Belonging

studio album #4 (2010)

This collection of songs allows you to experience a range of thought-provoking emotions via rhythmic, folksy acoustic songs about the important-yet-simple things in life: appreciation of nature, home, values, legacy, love, family, friendship and making a difference in the world.


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Liner Notes

© ℗ 2010 by Scott Cooley. All rights reserved. Words & music for all songs written by Scott Cooley, except This Land Is Your Land by Woody Guthrie & Your First True Love music by Scott Cooley & lyrics by Lenore Cooley & Scott Cooley. All vocals (lead & background) & instruments (lead & rhythm acoustic guitar, acoustic bass guitar, harmonica, drums & maracas) by Scott Cooley, except on This Land Is Your Land – ½ duet vocal by Lenore Cooley & on Three Mariachis - accordion & production by Lenore Cooley. Recorded, mixed, mastered & produced by Scott Cooley in Michigan, U.S.A. Cover photo by Lenore Cooley.

Album Art

Back Cover Photo by Lenore Louise Cooley



Artist Comments

I guess the most memorable thing about this album is that it involved my lovely wife Lenore more than other albums.  I ran across a place that had signs containing my first and last names (the hall of fame women were no where to be found in case you were wondering), then I thought it would be cool to get my picture taken by these signs (which Lenore took on a beautiful day in a beautiful garden where she unfortunately rolled her ankle and fell - she's okay now though), then I thought they would make good album art, then I thought the feeling of fitting in was a good theme for an album.  I happened to have a few songs that had titles and/or subject matter that actually fit this concept.  It's got a public domain cover (This Land Is Your Land) that doubles as a duet with my wife, one that she co-wrote the lyrics for (Your First True Love), a song she co-produced with me that also features her amazing accordion playing (Three Mariachis), - all good things (except Lenore's ankle injury).

Sense Of Belonging contains songs about the importance of place & the concept of home.  It continues the tradition of mellow acoustic rock with stylistic diversity, including the hit tejano party song "Three Mariachis" which features the accordion, and the sad, heartfelt and thought-provoking folk-rock songs "Forever A Memory," "What Money Can't Buy," and "The Invisible Man."

Gut-wrenching emotions are what you’ll feel as you listen to the contemporary folk-rock of Sense Of Belonging.  Cooley uses all acoustic instruments with light percussion and warm vocals to deliver stories that overall explore what it means to be American.  It will no doubt leave you pondering what’s most important in life and the enjoyment of life’s simpler things – appreciation of nature, home, love, family and friendship, the re-examination of values, of making a difference in the world and leaving a legacy.

The fourth full-length release from Scott Cooley Records, Sense Of Belonging contains songs about the importance of place & the concept of home.  It continues the tradition of mellow acoustic rock with stylistic diversity - from sad ballads to happy, speedy Norteno with heartfelt contemporary folk in between.  From a chance encounter with a sign containing both his first and last names in his home state (the hall of fame women were no where to be found in case you were wondering), and a collection of songs with fitting titles and/or subject matter, this album features songs that will tug at your emotions and leave you thinking about what's most important in life.



JUNE 21ST, 2010 (EAST LANSING, MI) -- Take your cool drink and iPod to the hammock and get ready to kick back and enjoy what we’ve come to expect from a Scott Cooley album - (soothing/relaxing melodies w/ deep/intelligent lyrics that effortlessly make your imagination wander); with some pleasant surprises (a Mexican-American song featuring

accordion?). Once again, Scott Cooley Records is pleased to announce the official CD (and digital download) release of a genre-defying album of acoustic rock music with a common theme titled Sense Of Belonging, Cooley’s fourth independent solo release on the label.


·   Who: Scott Cooley

·   What: the album Sense of Belonging

·   When: officially released on June 21, 2010

·   Where: recorded at Scott Cooley Recording Studio, released on the Scott Cooley Records label, East Lansing, Michigan, USA

·   Why: because it’s what he likes to do

·   How: recorded himself at his digital home studio; CDs and MP3s distributed for sale in numerous major online stores including iTunes and Amazon.


“I wrote a lot of songs about the simple joys of life, and after my usual weeding-out process, polished up the best of them as best I could. Listeners will no doubt enjoy the conjuring up of images unique to them, but overall, the common theme is reminding them of what’s important – appreciation of nature, home, family, and love. Even without really paying attention to the lyrical meaning, the music variety alone keeps your attention and allows you to slow down and forget about the everyday world for a half an hour or so,” said Scott about his latest album.


The do-it-all-yourself solo artist, multi-instrumentalist, engineer and producer got a little more help than usual with this album from his wife Lenore Louise Cooley, who co-produced one song, co-wrote one song, sang on a duet, and played accordion on a song.  As is usual, however, the album does deliver what you’ve come to expect in terms of the overall sound and instrumentation – prevalent are the catchy grooves, memorable melodies, soothing vocals, acoustic guitar, acoustic bass guitar, well-placed background vocals, understated percussion, occasional slide, harmonica and competent acoustic solos and fills that make you clench a fist, nod your head and say to yourself yeah! as if you’re playing it yourself.  


A DIY music fan’s delight, you’ll likely find yourself “hearing” how these would sound if they were re-recorded by your favorite popular artists with the best musicians and in the best studios. If you like artists such as John Denver, James Taylor, Neil Young and Bob Dylan, you’re going to feel a sense of belonging in the world of Scott Cooley album listening, an escape that will take you away to a better place.  For further information, visit the Scott Cooley Store: (

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