Lockdown Leftovers

studio album #11 (2022)

A collection of songs that were literally left over from songwriting and recording sessions during the first couple years of the pandemic when Scott had more time than usual in the home studio.

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Liner notes

Words and music for all songs written by Scott Richard Cooley, except chorus lyric on “Austin’s Story” written by Austin in association with the Sing Me A Story Foundation for the benefit of Gilda’s Club.  All songs copyright © 2022 by Scott Cooley and published by Scott Richard Cooley Music Publishing (ASCAP), except “Christmas Is Cancelled” and “Austin’s Story” copyright © in 2020.  All rights reserved.  Studio album released on June 21st 2022 on the Scott Cooley Records label (catalog #SCR11) with all lead & backing vocal singing, instrument playing (acoustic guitar, bass, mandolin, piano, electric piano, organ, marimba, drums & percussion), arrangements, production, engineering, mixing & mastering by Scott Cooley at Scott Cooley Music Productions recording studio in Grand Blanc, Michigan, except amazing accordion on “Taco Tuesday (Observed)” by Scott’s lovely wife Lenore Cooley.  As always, Scott thanks: You!


The eleventh studio album from solo artist Scott Cooley, recorded during the COVID-19 lockdown between 2020 & 2022.  This was the second album Scott released in the year 2022 after the Bluebird Days II album, and the only time he has released two albums in one year (not counting 2010's free extra holiday covers album A Cooley Christmas).  Oddly enough, this one does contain an original song "Christmas Is Cancelled" that references COVID-19 in its lyric.  Due to the fact that his aggregator distributor mistakenly released the second bluebird album early, and because of more available free time at home during the pandemic, Scott thought he'd release a bonus record so the superfans wouldn't have to wait too long between albums.  In keeping with the every-two-years/in-even-numbered years/on-his-birthday album release schedule, this came out on June 21st, 2022, technically the same day as BBDII's "official-not-actual" release date.  With the preceding and aforementioned album "already in the can" so to speak, this one really is a project of "leftover" songs from songwriting/recording sessions during this time period, and Scott relaxed his typical weeding-out/quality-control process a bit.  The driving motivation, however, was to release another official studio album that would include the song "Austin's Story" which Scott was encouraged to do after writing it for the Sing Me A Story Foundation as a part of a charitable fundraising campaign.  If it had been in a normal year, Scott was told he would have been invited to perform it live on stage in Nashville, but instead, he performed live via Zoom in the first-ever livestream for SMAS, which he happily did.  Long album description longer, six songs from this album - including the two mentioned above along with Burtucky Breakdown, Taco Tuesday (Observed), Flames of Albion, and A Matter Of Time - also have associated music videos Scott produced you can check out here.