Flames Of Albion

Words and Music Copyright © ℗ 2022 by Scott Richard Cooley




An up-temp pop rocker w/ piano about old flames in which a guy looks back fondly at some of his while a college student, putting a twist on both the Led Zeppelin publishing usage and an olde English phrase with the alma mater name.

From prominent families, regal and royal

Old enough to be legal, rich enough to be spoiled

A well-heeled battlefield of purple and gold

Hookin’ up with hot babes who were made to behold

Laura drove a luxury Fiat

Stacy was racy away from home

Michelle had a helluva good time

Perfidious all, they had to roam

They ruled me like queens of Britannia

I got burned but still conquered like a champion

My flames of Albion

Preppy girls, Madonna wannabe’s

Cute coeds everywhere, runnin’ wild and free

Lyin’ and relyin’ on the old man’s money 

Gettin’ MRS degrees in the land of milk and honey