In his native United States, between 2004 and 2022, Scott Cooley has released a core catalog of 10 full-length long-playing studio albums that have been distributed worldwide, each of which have been made available both as stereo compact discs, and as digital downloads in various formats, with each individual song also made available as a downloadable single. The released catalog includes 131 total songs, 3 public domain covers, 2 instrumentals, 128 originals, and 126 originals with lyrics, all of which were released on June 21st in even-numbered years. Also available is one free holiday covers compilation.

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Personnel and Instrumentation

Scott’s lovely wife Lenore Cooley has been credited with several appearances as a performer on accordion, three on backing vocals, two on marimba, two on keyboard, one on flute, one co-written song, and as a contributor to the cover art.

Scott did everything else - songwriting (words and music), arranging, producing, performing of vocals & instruments, recording, engineering, mixing, mastering, CD art design, video production, direct distribution to Amazon, Google Play Music, YouTube Music, Bandcamp & more. Other stores (such as Apple Music and Spotify) have been distributed to via aggregators such as TuneCore and CDBaby.

Scott sings lead, background and harmony vocals, acoustic rhythm, lead and slide guitars, acoustic bass guitar, piano (via MIDI keyboard), ukulele, mandolin, harmonica, marimba, drums and percussion (including djembe, bhodran, maracas, castanets, congas/bongos, tambourine, washboard, and cowbell), hand claps, finger snaps, and whistling.

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